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Autor: D. William Tedder
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Erscheinungsdatum: 31.05.2000
Preface. Acknowledgments 1. Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management VIII: An Overview; D.W. Tedder, F.G. Pohland. Soil Treatment Technologies. 2. Chelating Agents for Extraction of Heavy Metals from Soil: Complexing Power, Selectivity, and Recoverability; P.K.A. Hong, et al. 3. Electrokinetic Soil Remediation Using Novel Electrodes and Modulated Reverse Electric Fields; M.E. Inman, et al. 4. Electrokinetic Injection of Nutrients in Layered Clay/Sand Media for Bioremediation Application; M.F. Rabbi, et al. 5. Integrated Remediation Process for a High Salinity Industrial Soil Sample Contaminated with Heavy Oil and Metals; A. Majid, B.D. Sparks. 6. Laboratory and Field Soil Washing Experiments with Surfactant Solutions: NAPL Recovery Mechanisms; R. Martel, et al. 7. Anaerobic Microbial Activity under Electric Fields; K. Maillacheruvu, A.N. Alshawabkeh. 8. Mechanistic Factors Affecting Fenton Oxidations in Natural Waters; M.A. Tarr, M.E. Lindsey. 9. Innovative Surfactant/Cosolvent Technologies for Removal of NAPL and Sorbed Contaminants from Aquifers; C.T. Jafvert, T.J. Strathmann. 10. Pilot-scale Treatment of TNT-spiked Groundwater by Hybrid Poplar Trees; P.L. Thompson, et al. 11. In Situ Groundwater Remediation Using Treatment Walls; R.D. Vidic, F.G. Pohland. 12. Removal of Nitroaromatic Compounds from Water Through Combined Zero Valent Metal Reduction and Enzyme Based Oxidative Coupling Reactions; H.R. Monsef, et al. 13. In Situ Fenton-Like Oxidation of Volatile Organics: Laboratory, Pilot and Full-Scale Demonstrations; R.S. Greenberg, et al. 14. Development of an Enhanced Ozone-Hydrogen Peroxide Advanced Oxidation Process; K.C. Bower, et al. Radioactive Waste Treatment. 15. Polyethylene Encapsulation of Depleted Uranium Trioxide; J.W. Adams, et al. 16. Treatability Study on the Use of By-Product Sulfur in Kazakhstan for the Stabilization of Hazardous and Radioactive Wastes; P.D. Kalb, et al. 17. Encapsulation of Nitrate Salts Using Vinylmethylpolysiloxane; S. Duirk, C.M. Miller. 18. Development of an On-Line Analyzer for Vanadous Ion in LOMI Decontamination; S. Kottle, et al. 19. Magnetic Separation for Nuclear Material Surveillance; L.A. Worl, et al. 20. Transition Metal Catalysts for the Ambient Temperature Destruction of Organic Wastes Using Peroxydisulfate; G.B. Balazs, et al.
Several long-term trends in technology evolution have become apparent since these symposia began in 1989. Earlier presenters more frequently discussed treatment methods involving harsh and extensive human intervention. As the symposia have continued, the number of presentations describing extremely harsh and expensive treatment technologies have gradually been supplanted by more subtle and gentler methods. Such methods include subsurface-engineered barriers, phytoremediation, and bioremediation.Nineteen manuscripts were selected for inclusion in this volume, based upon peer review, scientific merit, the editors' perceptions of lasting value or innovative features, and the general applicability of either the technology itself or the scientific methods and scholarly details provided by the authors. General topics include: soil treatment, groundwater treatment, and radioactive waste treatment.
Autor: D. William Tedder
ISBN-13:: 9780306463624
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