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Autor: Sukhamay Lahiri
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Oxygen Sensing

Vol.475, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Molecule to Man
A Tribute to Robert W. Torrance; Ch.C. Michel. Reminiscence of Bob Torrance (1); P. Zapata, C. Zapata. Reminiscence of Bob Torrance (2); M. Hanson, P. Kumar. Genomics of Oxygen Sensing: Plasticity and Multiplicity in the Mechanisms of Oxygen Sensing; S. Lahiri. Evolution of Human Hypoxia Tolerance Physiology; P.W. Hochachka, C. Carlos Monge. Comparative Aspects of High-Altitude Adaptation in Human Populations; L.G. Moore, et al. Tibetan and Andean Contrasts in Adaptation to High-Altitude Hypoxia; C.M. Beall. A Genomic Model for Differential Hypoxic Ventilatory Responses; C.G. Tankersley. Regulation of the Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1alpha: ARNT is not necessary for hypoxic induction of HIF-1alpha in the nucleus; M. Gassmann, et al. Intracellular Pathways Linking Hypoxia to Activation of zeta-fos and AP-1; D.R. Premkumar, et al. Hypoxia-Induced Regulation of mRNA Stability; W.R. Paulding, M.F. Czyzk-Krzeska. Hypoxia, HIF-1, and the Pathophysiology of Common Human Diseases; G.L. Semenza, et al. Gene Regulation during Hypoxia in Excitable Oxygen-Sensing Cells: Depolarization-Transcription Coupling; D.E. Millhorn, et al. Regulation of CREB by Moderate Hypoxia in PC12 Cells; D. Beitner-Johnson, et al. Reactive Oxygen Species as Regulators of Oxygen Dependent Gene Expression; J. Fandrey , J. Genius. A Glycolytic Pathway to Apoptosis of Hypoxic Cardiac Myocytes: Molecular Pathways of Increased Acid Production; K.A. Webster, et al. Mitochondrial-Nuclear Crosstalk is Involved in Oxygen-Regulated Gene Expression in Yeast; R.O. Poyton, C.J. Dagsgaard. Rox1 Mediated Repression: Oxygen Dependent Repression in Yeast; A.J. Kastaniotis, R.S. Zitomer. Oxygen Dependence of Expression of Cytochrome c and Cytochrome c Oxidase Genesin S. cerevisiae; P.V. Burke, K.E. Kwast. Hypoxic and Redox Inhibition of the Human Cardiac L-Type Ca2+ Channel; I.M. Fearon, et al. Molecular Identification of O2 Sensors and O2-Sensitive Potassium Channels in the Pulmonary Circulation; S.L. Archer, et al. Chemosensing at the Carotid Body: Involvement of a HERG-like Potassium Current in Glomus Cells; J.L. Overholt, et al. Oxidant Signalling and Vascular Oxygen Sensing: Role of H2O2 in Responses of the Bovine Pulmonary Artery to Changes in PO2; K.M. Mohazzab-H., M.S. Wolin. Tissue PO2 and Mitochondrial Enzymes: Cytochrome C Oxidase as an O2 Sensor; D.F. Wilson, et al. Regulation of Shaker-Type Potassium Channels by Hypoxia: Oxygen-Sensitive K+ channels in PC12 Cells; L. Conforti, D.E. Millhorn. HIF-1 is Essential for Multilineage Hematopoiesis in the Embryo; D.M. Adelman, et al. Dual Influence of Nitric Oxide on Gene Regulation During Hypoxia; G. Adhikary, et al. Hypoxia Differentially Regulates the Mitogen- and Stress-Activated Protein Kinases: Role of Ca2+/CaM in the Activation of MAPK and p38&ggr; ; P.W. Conrad, et al. Chairman's Summary: Mechanisms of Oxygen Homeostasis, Circa 1999; G.L. Semenza. Arterial Chemoreceptors: Oxygen, Homeostasis and Metabolic Regulation; P.W. Hochachka. Evidence that Nitric Oxide Plays a Role in O2 Sensing from Tissue NO and PO2 Measurements in Cat Carotid Body; D.G. Buerk, S. Lahiri. Carotid Body Gap Junctions: Secretion of Transmitters and Possible Electric Coupling Between Glomus Cells and Nerve Terminals; C. Eyzaguirre. Short- and Long-Term Regulation of Rat Carotid Body Gap Junctions by cAMP Identification of Connexin43, a Gap Junction Subunit; V. Ab
Proceedings of the XIVth International Symposium on Arterial Chemoreception, held June 24-28, 1999, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.This volume, containing the proceedings of the fourteenth biannual ISAC meeting presents a new departure from their traditional focus on arterial chemoreceptors and their functions, in the expansion to include the study and discussion of oxygen sensing in other tissues and cells, and the genes involved. Bringing together scientists from cellular and systemic boundaries of physiology, working at the interface of cellular and molecular biology, this book, containing new physiological and biochemical perspectives.
Autor: Sukhamay Lahiri
ISBN-13:: 9780306463679
ISBN: 0306463679
Erscheinungsjahr: 31.05.2000
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Gewicht: 1799g
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