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Autor: Lucjan Pawlowski
ISBN-13: 9780306464492
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Thermal Solid Waste Utilisation in Regular and Industrial Facilities

Vol.58, Environmental Science Research
1. Neutralisation of Wastes in a Cement Kiln; L. Pawlowski. 2. Ecological Aspects of Co-incineration of Solid Waste in Cement Kilns; U. Lahl. 3. Recovery of Materials and Energy from waste in Austrian Cement Works; K.E. Lorber. 4. PCDF/D Emission from Waste Utilisation in Cement Kilns; M.R. Dudzinska, Z. Kozak. 5. Utilisation of Sewage Sludge in Cement Kilns; M. Kotowski, et al. 6. The Environmental Influence of Heavy Metals Introduced to the Clinkering Process with Wastes; R. Gierzatowicz. 7. The Use of Coal Spoil in the Process of Cement Production; J. Duda. 8. Solid Waste Utilisation in Cement Kilns; T.J. Reese. 9. The Pyrolityc Convective Waste Utiliser; T. Piecuch. 10. Research on Possibilities of Sewage Sludge Utilisation in the Process of Pyrolysis; J.B. Bien, et al. 11. Catalytic Limitation of Organic Chloride and Sulphur Emission in the Thermal Waste Utilisation Process; M. Kazmierczak. 12. Evaluation of Gaseous Emission from Energy Generating Facilities; R. Gierzatowicz. 13. Plasma Technologies for Environmental Protection; K. Cedzynska, Z. Kolacinski. 14. Plasma Technology in the Deactivation of Spent Ion-exchangers; D. Dziadko, I. Pollo. 15. Plasma Gasification of Surrogate and Real Waste Plastics; A. Huczko, M. Sioda. About the Editors. Index.
Proceedings of the International Workshop, Thermal Solid Waste Utilization in Regular and Industrial Facilities, held in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, November 28-30, 1999. In recent years, industrial and urban growth has resulted in growing volumes of nondegradable wastes, and this volume focuses on the technologies related to recycling and material reuse which are now being favoured over land disposal. There is an overview on waste utilisation in industrial facilities, particularly cement kilns, from an ecological as well as technological aspect, and some innovative solutions of pyrolitic and plasma reactors, used for hazardous wastes combustion.
Autor: Lucjan Pawlowski
ISBN-13:: 9780306464492
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Gewicht: 581g
Seiten: 175
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