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Autor: Behram N. Kursunogammalu
ISBN-13: 9780306464850
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Quantum Gravity, Generalized Theory of Gravitation, and Superstring Theory-Based Unification

Section I: Cosmological Parameters Unifying Elementary Particle Physics and Cosmology. Variable Speed of Light Cosmology; B.N. Kursunoglu. Energy Dependence of the Speed of Light Emerging from Cosmic Regions; A. Perlmutter. Conformality, Particle Phenomenology and the Cosmological Constant; P.H. Frampton. Eternal Inflation and the Present Universe; A. Vilenkin. Cosmic Rays, Cosmic Magnetic Fields, and Magnetic Monopoles; Th.W. Kephart, et al. Section II: Super Strings and Black Holes. Vertex Operators for Strings on Anti - De Sitter Space; L. Dolan. The structure of a Source Modified WZW Theory; S. Fernando, F. Mansouri. Section III: Recent Progress on New and Old Ideas I. The Unification of the Gravitational Constant G, with the Electric Charge, e, Via an Extended Non-Stationary, Axi-Symmetric, Space-Time and Corresponding Thermodynamics - The Super Spin Model; A.J. Meyer II. Magnetic Monopoles, Massive Neutrinos and Gravitation Via Logical - Experimental Unification Theory (LEUT) and Kursunoglu's Theory; O. Doctorow. Section IV: Recent Progress in New and Old Ideas II. An Update on the Properties of the Top Quark; T. Ferbel. The Supersymmetric Muon Anomaly; P. Nath. Schrödinger's Cataplex; T. Cutright. The Weak Production of Neutral Hyperons in Electron Proton Scattering; S.L. Mintz. Section V: CPT, Lorentz Symmetry, and Neutrino Oscillation. Torsion Balance Test of Spin Coupled Forces; B.R. Heckel, et al. Recent Results in Lorentz and CPT Tests; V.A. Kostelecky. Searching for Lorentz Violation in the Ground State of Hydrogen; R. Bluhm, et al. Neutrino Oscillations: Some Theoretical Ideas; S.M. Barr. SectionVI: Recent Progress on New and Old Ideas III. SIMP (Strongly Interacting Massive Particle) Search; V.L. Teplitz, et al. Wither Hadron Supersymmetry; D.B. Lichtenberg. The Mystery of Nucleon Spin; W. Lorenzov. Performance and First Results from BABAR; G. Macinelli. Index.
Autor: Behram N. Kursunogammalu
ISBN-13:: 9780306464850
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Gewicht: 712g
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