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Phase Transitions and Self-Organization in Electronic and Molecular Networks

Fundamental Materials Research
I. Some Mathematics. Mathematical Principles of Intermediate Phases in Disordered Systems; J.C. Phillips. Reduced Density Matrices and Correlation Matrix; A.J. Coleman. The Sixteen-Percent Solution: Critical Volume Fraction for Percolation; R. Zallen. The Intermediate Phase and Self-Organization in Network Glasses; M.F. Thorpe, M.V. Chubynsky. II. Glasses and Supercooled Liquids. Evidence for the Intermediate Phase in Chalcogenide Glasses; P. Boolchand, et al. Thermal Relaxation and Criticality of the Stiffness Transition; Y. Wang, et al. Solidity of Viscous Liquids; J.C. Dyre. Non-ERgodic Dynamics in Supercooled Liquids; M. Dzugutov, et al. Network Stiffening and Chemical Ordering in Chalcogenide Glasses: Compositional Trends of T g in Relation to Structural Information from Solid and Liquid State NMR; C. Rosenhahn, et al. Glass Transition Temperature Variation as a Probe for Network Connectivity; M. Micoulaut. Floppy Modes Effects in the Thermodynamical Properties of Chalcogenide Glasses; G.G. Naumis. The Dalton-Maxwell-Pauling Recipe for Window Glass; R. Kerner. Local Bonding, Phase Stability and Interface Properties of Replacement Gate Dielectrics, Including Silicon Oxynitride Alloys and Nitrides, and Film `Amphoteric' Elemental Oxides and Silicates; G. Lucovsky. Experimental Methods for Local Structure Determination on the Atomic Scale; E.A. Stern. Zeolite Instability and Collapse; G.N. Greaves. III. Metal-Insulator Transitions. Thermodynamics and Transport Properties of Interacting Systems with Localized Electrons; A.L. Efros. The Metal-Insulator Transition in Doped Semiconductors: Transport Properties and Critical Behaviour; T.G. Castner. Metal-Insulator Transition in Homogeneously Doped Germanium; M. Watanabe. IV. High Temperature Superconductors. Experimental Evidence for Ferroelastic Nanodomains in HTSC Cuprates and Related Oxides; J. Jung. Role of Sr Dopants in the Inhomogeneous Ground State of La 2-x Sr x CuO 4 ; D. Haskel, et al. Universal Phase Diagrams and `Ideal' High Temperature Superconductors: HgBa 2 CuO 4+ ; J.L. Wagner, et al. Coexistence of Superconductivity and Weak Ferromagnetism in Eu 1.5 Ce 0.5 RuSr 2 Cu 2 O 10 ; I. Felner. Quantum Percolation in High T c Superconductors; V. Dallacasa. Superstripes: Self Organization of Quantum Wires in High T c Superconductors; A. Bianconi, et al. Electron Strings in Oxides; F.V. Kusmartsev. High-Temperature Conductivity is Charge-Reservoir Superconductivity; J.D. Dow, et al. Electronic Inhomogeneities in High-T c Superconductors Observed by NMR; J. Haase, et al. Tailoring the Properties of High-T c and Related Oxides: From Fundamentals to Gap Nanoengineering; D. Pavuna. V. Self-Organization in Proteins. Designing Protein Structures; H. Li, et al. List of Participants. Index.
Autor: J. C. Phillips
ISBN-13:: 9780306465680
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