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Autor: Joginder Singh Galsin
ISBN-13: 9780306465741
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Impurity Scattering in Metallic Alloys

Physics of Solids and Liquids
1. Introduction. 2. Crystal Structure and Point Defects. 3. Phase Equilibrium in Binary Alloys. 4. Electronic Structure of Pure Metallic Solids. 5. Physical Effects of Impurities in Metals. 6. Elasticity Theory of Point Defects. 7. Quadrupole Interactions in Dilute Alloys. 8. Experimental Study of Quadrupole Interactions. 9. Partial Wave Analysis in Metallic Alloys. 10. Conduction Electron Distribution in Metallic Alloys. 11. Density Functional Approach in Metallic Alloys. 12. Green's Functions in Metals and Metallic Alloys. 13. Lattice Static Methods in Metallic Alloys. 14. Electric Field Gradient in Dilute Cubic Alloys. 15. Size Effect Theory in Metallic Alloys. 16. Electronic Structure of Dilute Cubic Alloys with Transition Metal Impurities. 17. Temperature Dependence of Electronic Structure of Alloys. Appendices. Index.
Theoretical understanding of electronic properties of metallic alloys is of great importance from both fundamental and technological points of view. All the chapters in this book are developed from the fundamentals and are coherently interrelated in a meticulous manner. The book gives a brief account of the crystal structure of both the pure metals and metals with impurities. Physical effects produced by impurities in metals are described in detail. The electronic structure of pure simple and transition metals is described with special reference to rare-earth metals.
Autor: Joginder Singh Galsin
ISBN-13:: 9780306465741
ISBN: 0306465744
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 1190g
Seiten: 516
Sprache: Englisch
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