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Autor: James Brennan
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Society and Politics: From Social Mobilization to Civic Participation (Santa Fe, 1890-1909); M.Bonaudo Water, Guns, and Money: The Art of Political Persuasion in Mendoza (1890-1912); J.Supplee Hipolito Yrigoyen, Salta, and the 1928 Presidential Campaign; N.Biddle The Organization of Jujuy's Ingenios in a Regional Context (1870-1940); M. Lagos Forestry and the Llanos of La Rioja (1900-1960); G.Olivera Catholicism, Culture, and Political Allegiance: Cordoba (1943-1955); J.Walter Labor in Cordoba in the 1960s: Trade Union Consciousness and the 'Culture of Resistance'; M.Gordillo
The study of twentieth-century Argentine history is undergoing a radical transformation. Both Argentine and U.S. historians of Argentina are recasting the great debates in the historiography by challenging the Buenos Aires-centered focus of most of the existing historical scholarship and offering a new perspective on the country's modern history. Argentina's supposed 'exceptionalism' is being challenged by these historians. The persistence of political clientilism and oligarchic rule, enclave economies and pre-capitalist social relations, the role of traditional institutions such as the Church and family, intense class conflict and working class militancy, all approximate Argentina closer to the Latin American experience than the previous historiography would suggest. This book is a unique collaboration between Argentine and U.S. historians of this 'other Argentina.'
Editiert von: James Brennan, O. Pianetto
James Brennan is Associate Professor of History at the University of California, Riverside, and has published widely on modern Argentine history.
Ofelia Pianetto is Professor Emeritus at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba and specializes in Argentine social and labor history.
Autor: James Brennan
ISBN-13:: 9781349628469
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