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Autor: R. Cooter
ISBN-13: 9781349642830
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Surgery and Society in Peace and War

Science, Technology and Medicine in Modern History
Orthopaedics and the Organization of Modern Medicine, 1880-1948
List of Tables - List of Maps, Figures and Plates - Acknowledgements - List of Abbreviations - Introduction - The Medical Context of Bones - Politics and Professionalisation - The Cause of the Crippled Child - Happenings by Accident - The Great War - Industry and Labour, Part 1: Britain and America, 1920s - Colonisation Among Cripples - The Fracture Movement - Industry and Labour, Part 2: Rehabilitation and the Assault on Trauma, 1930s - The Phoney War - 'Adolescence's' End - Notes - Bibliography - Index
This book illuminates how crucial transformations in medical politics and organisation were linked to wider changes in society, economy and ideology. Paying particular attention to developments in medical welfare for physically handicapped children, wounded soldiers and injured workers, this extensively documented study challenges conventional accounts of medical specialisation; provides Anglo-American comparisons; and demonstrates the importance for medical modernity of changing interactions between philanthropy, war, labour, capital and the state.
Autor: R. Cooter
ISBN-13:: 9781349642830
ISBN: 1349642835
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Seiten: 399
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 1st ed. 1993
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