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Industrial Change in Africa

Studies on the African Economies Series
Zimbabwean Firms under Structural Adjustment
List of Tables List of Figures Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors PART I: ZIMBABWE MANUFACTURING, STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT AND THE RPED ZIMBABWE SURVEY Introduction; J.W.Gunning & R.Oostendorp The RPED Zimbabwe Survey 1993-95; J.Bade, J.W.Gunning & R.Oostendorp PART II; PRODUCT, LABOUR, AND FINANCIAL MARKETS Firm Product Market Characteristics; R.Oostendorp Wage Determination, Human Capital and Labour Market Efficiency; A.D.Velenchik Financial Market Characteristics; M.Fafchamps PART III: FIRM PERFORMANCE AND SECTORAL RESOURCE SHIFTS Investment; M.Fafchamps & R.Oostendorp Determinants of Self-Employment; H.Hoogeveen Productivity Growth and Technical Efficiency in Zimbabwean Manufacturing; K.Mlambo Manufacturing Export Performance, Macro-economic Adjustment and the Role of Networks; H.Hoogeveen & T.Mumvuma Firm Growth; P.Risseeuw Transforming the Economy: Resource Shifts and Expectations; J.W.Gunning Conclusion; J.W.Gunning & R.Oostendorp References Index
This book uses a unique and extensive data survey of manufacturing firms in Zimbabwe to analyse firm-level responses to economic liberalization. The focus on labour and financial markets, investment behaviour, the determinants of entrepreneurship, productivity growth and efficiency, export performance, firm growth, and resource shifts between different manufacturing activities. Understanding these determinants is crucial evaluating the success or failure of structural adjustment.
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JAN BADE DLO Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI-DLO) - The Hague MARCEL FAFCHAMPS Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford HANS HOOGEVEEN Departments of Economics, Free University, Amsterdam KUPUKILE MLAMBO African Development Bank, Abidjan TAKAWIRA MUMVUMA Institute of Social Studies, The Hague PETER RISSEEUW Economic and Social Institute, Free University, Amsterdam ANNE VELENCHIK Wellesley College, Wellesley MA
Autor: J. Gunning
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