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Autor: R. Dominguez
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EU Foreign Policy Towards Latin America

The European Union in International Affairs
List of Tables Acknowledgments List of Abbreviations INTRODUCTION PART I: EU-LATIN AMERICAN INTERREGIONALISM 1.1. Regionalism and Integration 1.2. EU and Latin America 1.3. Regionness and Hybrid Interregionalism PART II: EU POLICIES TOWARD LATIN AMERICA 2.1. The EU System of External Relations 2.2. EU Institutions and Latin America 2.3. EU Policies and Latin America PART III: THE SUMMITS 3.1. Background of the Interregional Relationship 3.2. The Summits: Rediscovering the Other Transatlantic Relationship PART IV: ASSOCIATION AGREEMENTS 4.1. Mexico: The Frontrunner 4.2. Chile: Stability and Development 4.3. Central America: Halfway Integration PART V: ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES 5.1. Brazil: The New Global Player 5.2. Colombia: Reconciliation and Economic Growth 5.3. Peru: The Economic Miracle? 5.4. Colombia/Peru: Moving Forward 5.5. Ecuador: Reassessing the Strategy PART VI: REGIONAL PARTNERS 6.1. Mercosur: New Prospects 6.2. Cariforum: Transforming the Relationship 6.3. Andean Community: Integration in Decline PART VII: TENSE RELATIONSHIPS 7.1 Cuba: The Stagnation of the Model 7.2 Venezuela: No Prospects 7.3 Argentina: Unstable Recovery CONCLUSION Appendices Bibliography Index
This book analyzes the relations between two geographical areas with different levels of regional institutionalization: the European Union and Latin America. Characterized by low interdependence and asymmetry, this relationship operates in different levels ranging from EU-individual countries to EU-Latin American summits.
Autor: R. Dominguez
ISBN-13:: 9781349672684
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Erscheinungsjahr: 14.01.2014
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