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Autor: Costas Melakopides
ISBN-13: 9781349674602
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1. The 'Pragmatic-Idealist' Logic of the Book2. The Cyprus Problem, International Law, and the Annan Plan
3. Revisiting Pragmatic Idealism
4. Moscow's Policies towards Cyprus during the Cold War: Realpolitik versus Latent Pragmatic Idealism
5. Russia and Cyprus, 1991-2012: Pragmatic Idealism versus Realpolitik
6. Nicos Anastasiades' First Two Years in Power
7. The Russo-Turkish Labyrinth and the Cyprus-Israel-Egypt-Greece Rapprochement
8. The Russo-Cypriot Prospects
This study assesses Moscow's special bilateral relations with Cyprus since the mid-1950s, with particular emphasis on the post-Cold War years. Melakopides develops the theory of 'pragmatic idealism' when describing the way in which Moscow's Cyprus policies were meant to satisfy not only mutual interests but also international legal and ethical principles and norms. The book recalls Cyprus's dramatic vicissitudes since the 1950s and revisits the controversial 'political realist' policies of Washington, Ankara and London against the interests and needs of the Greek-Cypriot majority. Melakopides then goes on to analyse the regional geopolitical context; Turkey's hegemonic ambitions and its ongoing aggressiveness against Cyprus; Nicosia's current efforts to pursue a multidimensional foreign policy that also engages Greece, Israel and Egypt; the strong Russian-Cypriot diplomatic and political relations as well as their relations in trade, banking, energy, tourism, culture, energy and defence; and the origins of Russia's historical, religious and 'spiritual' sentiments and bonds towards Hellenism and Cyprus.
Autor: Costas Melakopides
Costas Melakopides studied law, philosophy and politics in Greece, England and Canada before teaching International Relations. He joined the University of Cyprus as Assistant and Associate Professor (1996-2010). Since retiring from teaching, he has continued researching and publishing on the Cyprus problem; Greek-Turkish relations; EU-Cyprus relations; international ethics; and Russia-Cyprus relations. He has published numerous books, co-edited volumes, and journal articles.
Autor: Costas Melakopides
ISBN-13:: 9781349674602
ISBN: 1349674605
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Gewicht: 288g
Seiten: 211
Sprache: Englisch
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