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Autor: Ann Hewings
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Futures for English Studies

Teaching Language, Literature and Creative Writing in Higher Education
Introduction: Futures for English Studies; Lynda Prescott, Ann Hewings and Philip Seargeant

1. English Pasts, English Futures; Ronald Carter
2. Discipline or Perish: English at the Tipping Point and Styles of Thinking in the Twenty First Century; Patricia Waugh
3. The Rise of Creative Writing; Andrew Cowan
4. English Language Studies: A Critical Appraisal; Ann Hewings and Philip Seargeant
5. TESOL and the Discipline of English; John Gray
6. English Studies in Indian Higher Education; Suman Gupta
7. The Role of Policy in Shaping English as a University Subject in Denmark; Anna Kristina Hultgren
8. The Literary and the Literate: The Study and Teaching of Writing in US English Departments; David R. Russell
9. Digital Humanities and The Future of English; Marilyn Deegan and Matthew Hayler
10. The Contribution of Children's Literature Studies; Dena Attar and Janet Maybin
11. On Collaborating with Shakespeare's Globe: Reflections on the Future of Postgraduate English; Gordon McMullan
12. English Language Studies from Rhetoric to Applied English; Peter Stockwell
13. Interdiscipline English! A Series of Provocations and Projections; Rob Pope
Futures for English Studies brings together chapters by leading writers across the curriculum area of English to investigate how the component parts of English (literature, language, and creative writing) are located institutionally in higher education and to explore the interdisciplinary prospects of a subject which spans the humanities and social sciences. Through explorations of changing foci in a variety of contexts, the book examines the value and purpose of teaching and researching English language, literature and creative writing in the twenty-first century, both within Anglophone countries and the wider world. The contributors, all practicing educators and researchers in the field, bring a wide range of perspectives to the theme of the development of the discipline, and illustrate that the strengths of English Studies as an academic subject lie not only in its traditional breadth and depth, but also in a readiness to adapt, experiment, and engage with other subjects.
Autor: Ann Hewings
ISBN-13:: 9781349682867
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Gewicht: 361g
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