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Autor: Terry Wu
ISBN-13: 9781349713004
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Erscheinungsdatum: 04.08.2016
Part 1 Introduction:Role of International Marketing in Higher Education

1. Introduction

Terry Wu and Vik Naidoo

Part 2 Emerging Themes and Strategic

2. The Relevance of Marketing Activities
for Higher Education Institutions

Luis Fernando Angulo-Ruiz, Albena Pergelova, and Juraj

3. Entry Modes as a Component of
International Marketing Strategy: A
Mixed-Method Analysis of Higher Education Services

Vik Naidoo, Jerome
Donovan, Trenton Milner, and Cheree Topple

4. Research
or Applied Universities? An Exploratory Qualitative Study of Prospective
Student's Selection of Universities with Different Brand Identities

Rajat Roy and Vik

5. University Websites Design in International
Student Recruitment: Some Reflections

Emmanuel Mogaji

3 Regional Case Studies

Brand Soul in Higher Education: A Case Study of a U.S. University GO program

Robert Williams, Scott
Manning, Susannah Morris and Jerrell Habegger

7. Developing Economy Universities Competing in a Global
Market: Evidence from Thailand

Scott Hipsher and Joe Bulmer

Student Expectations and Experiences in Higher Education: a Comparison of State
and Private Universities in Germany

Stephen Platz
and Dirk Holtbrügge

Going Global: Factors Influencing Norwegian Students' Intention to Study Abroad

Glavee-Geo and Åse Mørkeset

Driving Forces of International Students When Choosing a Non-traditional
Destination - Hungary

Beatrix Lányi and Gyöngyi Pozsgai
This book examines both the theory and applications of marketing higher education in a global environment. Universities and colleges face new challenges in student recruitment and international competition. This book is designed to offer new insights into international marketing of higher education. With declining domestic enrollments and continuing funding cuts, many higher education institutions are exploring new ways to market and promote themselves to international students. Higher education institutions view international students not only as a source of revenue, but also as an integral part of an overall academic strategy. While international students face many destination choices, they normally choose universities and colleges in developed countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The international marketing of higher education is of growing importance to universities and colleges today.
Autor: Terry Wu
ISBN-13:: 9781349713004
ISBN: 1349713007
Erscheinungsjahr: 04.08.2016
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Seiten: 262
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