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Academic Barbarism, Universities and Inequality

Palgrave Critical University Studies
1. Introduction
2. Academic Barbarism: Practice and Transmission

3. Academic Barbarism, Universities and Inequality

4. Academic Barbarism and the Literature of Concealment: Roberto Bolaño and W. G. Sebald

5. Aaron Swartz, New Technologies and The Myth of Open Access

6. Academic Barbarism and the Asian University: The Case of Hong Kong

7. Conclusion
The image of the university is tarnished: this book examines how recent philosophies of education, new readings of its economics, new technologies affecting research and access, and contemporary novelists' representations of university life all describe a global university that has given up on its promise of greater educational equality.
ISBN-13:: 9781349714476
ISBN: 134971447X
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Gewicht: 245g
Seiten: 175
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