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Autor: Jung Eun Jang
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Religious Experience and Self-Psychology

Korean Christianity and the 1907 Revival Movement
Chapter One: Psychological Analysis of the 1907 Revival Movement Contexts for the Study The Method and Underlying Theory of the Study Resources for the Study Contributions to the Study of the 1907 Revival Movement Outline of Chapters Chapter Two: Kohut's Self Psychology: Selfobject and Selfobject Experiences A Psychoanalytic Theory of the Development of the Self Structure of the Self The Selfobject Three Types of Selfobject Experience 1. The Selfobject Experience of Mirroring 2. The Selfobject Experience of Idealizing 3. The Selfobject Experience of Twinship Faulty Self Developments. The Therapeutic Process The Group Self Kohut's Understanding on Religion
Chapter Three: The Korean Group Self and the Joseon Dynasty. Selfobject Functions of the Political, Social, and Religious Systems of the Joseon Dynasty The Emergence of the Fragmented Korean Group Self.
Expression of the Enfeebled Korean Group Self in the Society and Art A Constant Search for Substitute Selfobjects
Chapter Four: The Selfobject Functions of the 1907 Revival Movement. The Progress of the 1907 Revival Movement. The Mirroring Selfobject Experience The Idealizing Selfobject Experience The Twinship Selfobject Experience Conclusion
Chapter Five: Korean Christianity and the Korean Groups Self The Korean Protestant Church and its Recent Critical Situation Faulty Empathy of the Korean Protestant Church 1. Fragmentation of the Korean Group Self in the Modern and Contemporary Korean History 2. Religious Materialism and Failure of Selfobject Functions. The Restoration of the Korean Protestant Church's Selfobject Functions 1. Increasing Social Participation of the Church 2. A Well-proportioned Theological View between Self-surrender and Self-acceptance 3. Development of Leadership that is Appropriate to the Contemporary Period
Chapter Six: Conclusion: Sublimation, Oceanic Feeling, and the Selfobject Sublimation The "Oceanic Feeling" and Mystical Practices. The Selfobject and Religion The Selfobject and Korean Christianity
This book explores the 1907 Korean Revival Movement from a self psychological perspective. The examination of the psychological processes in the movement based on Heinz Kohut's self psychology can shed light on religious experiences as selfobject experiences by identifying the sense of defeatedness and helplessness that Korean people experienced under Japanese occupation as what Kohut calls self-fragmentation of the Korean group self and explaining its therapeutic functions which facilitate potential for the narcissistic nourishment of the fragmented group self leading to renewed self-esteem, transformation, and empowerment of the Korean people. Korean people in the early 1900s experienced abuses and oppression by corrupt officials and exploitation by Japanese government. Through religious experiences which emphasized the individual repentance, the experience of God through the spirit, emphasis on prayer, and eschatological faith, the Korean Revival Movement in 1907 enabled its followers to experience mirroring and idealizing selfobjects which function as a role of transforming the lower shape of narcissism into the higher one.
Autor: Jung Eun Jang
Jung Eun Jang is Assistant Professor at Ewha Womans University, South Korea, who is teaching pastoral care and counseling in the department of Christian Studies. He is an ordained pastor of the Korean Presbyterian Church, as well as a Nationally Certified Psychoanalyst(NCPsyA), certified by NAAP (National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis).
Autor: Jung Eun Jang
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