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Autor: Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba
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1. Introduction: Contextualizing the Debates on Politics, Governance, and Development Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba and Toyin Falola

Part I: Theories and Concepts
2. Competing Theories and Concepts on Politics, Governance, and Development Wanjala S. Nasong'o
3. Theory of the Crises of the State Ogenga Otunnu
4. Post-colonialism: Theoretical Foundations and Relevance to African Politics Godwin Onuoha
5. Decoloniality as a Combative Ontology in African Development William Jethro Mpofu
6. Theories of Social Change and development in Africa Augustin Okechukwu Agugua
7. Theoretical Foundations of Nation-building Lawrence Ogbo Ugwuanyi
Part II: History and Contexts of Politics, Governance, Politics, and Development
8. Pre-colonial political institutions: Relevance for Contemporary Africa Elizabeth A. Eldredge
9. Politics and Society in Pre-Colonial Africa: Implications for Governance in Contemporary Times Alina Segobye
10. Settler and Non-settler Colonialism in Africa Adelaja Odutola Odukoya
11. Nationalism in Africa: concepts, types and phases Maurice N. Amutabi
12. Nationalism and Political Independence in Africa James Olusegun Adeyeri
Part III: The Military in Politics
13. Theories of Military in African Politics Godwin Okeke
14. Coups and counter-coups in Africa Richard Obinna Iroanya
15. Military and Transition Politics

Part IV: Identity Politics, Conflict and Development
17. Politics of Identity and the Crisis of Nation-Building in Africa Ikenna Mike Alumona and Stephen Nnaemeka Azom
18. Migration and Xenophobia in Africa Lanre Ikuteyijo and Peter Olayiwola
19. Identity politics and wars of secession in Africa Nicasius Achu Check
20. Ethnic Identity and Conflicts in Africa Ferdinand O. Ottoh
21. Identities, Conflicts, and Africa Refugee Crises Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso
22. Resource Control and Conflict in Africa Victor Ojakorotu
Part V: Social Forces, Governance and Development
23. Trade Unions and the struggle for democracy in Africa Kolawole E. Omomowo
24. The Peasantry and politics in Africa Linnet Hamasi
25. Civil Society Organizations and Democratic Governance in Africa Dele Seteolu and James Okunneye
26.Uncivil society and ethnic militia in African politics Mumo Nzau
27. Migration and Urbanization in Africa John Lekan Oyefara
Part VI: Democracy, Governance, and Development
28. Democracy and Political Development in Africa Adeolu Durotoye
29. Political Parties and Democracy in Africa Jo-Ansie van Wyk
30. Institutions, Neopatriomonial Politics, and Democratic Development E. Remi Ayeide and A. Afeaye Igbafe
31. Gender and Governance Damilola Agbalajobi
32. Political Participation and Political Citizenship Oluyemi O. Fayomi and Taiwo G. Adebayo
33. Media and Politics in Africa Sharon Adetutu Omotoso
34. Public Procurement and Development in Africa Vincent Efebeh
Part VII: The Political Economy of Development
35. Challenges of Economic Development Adewale Aderemi and Faeren Agaigbe
36. Resource Governance and the Crisis of Development Cyril Obi
37. Illicit Financial Flows and African Development Conundrum Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba
38. Public Good and the Crises of Service Delivery in Africa
Olugbenga Olatunji
39. Regional Integration and Development Christopher C. Nshimbi
40. Resilient/Informal Economy and African Development Oluyemi O. Fayomi, Grace Adebayo and Uchechukwu Okorie Part VIII: Africa in Global Politics
41. The Role of International Financial Institutions Akinola Adeoye
42. Africa in the global trading system Lere Amusan
43. Africa and foreign direct investment Scott D. Taylor
44. Africa in the BRICS: In whose interest? Ian Taylor
45. Africa's Development Narratives: From Growth to Wellbeing Lorenzo Fioramonti
46. The politics of foreign aid Dikeledi A. Mokoena
47. From OAU to AU: Rethinking supranational governance in Africa Babatunde Fagbayibo
48. Pan Africanism is Afr
This handbook constitutes a single collection of well researched articles and essays on African politics, governance and development from the pre-colonial through colonial to the post-colonial eras. Over the course of these interconnected periods, African politics have evolved with varied experiences across different parts of the continent. As politics is embedded both in the economy and the society, Africa has witnessed some changes in politics, economics, demography and its relations with the world in ways that requires in-depth analysis. This work provides an opportunity for old and new scholars to engage in the universe of the debate around African politics, governance and development and will serve as a ready reference material for students, researchers, policy makers and investors that are concerned with these issues.
Editiert von: Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba, Toyin Falola
Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba is Senior Lecturer at the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute, University of South Africa. He was formerly Visiting Scholar in the Program of African Studies, Northwestern University, USA.
Toyin Falola is the Jacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities and Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of History, University of Texas at Austin, USA.
Autor: Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba
ISBN-13:: 9781349952311
ISBN: 1349952311
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