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Autor: T. Murray
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Authoring Tools for Advanced Technology Learning Environments

Toward Cost-Effective Adaptive, Interactive and Intelligent Educational Software
Preface Contributors Acknowledgements Section I: Authoring Tutors for Device and Process Simulations 1. SIMQUEST: Authoring Educational Simulations, W R van Joolingen and T de Jong 2. Requiem for a Development System: Reflections on Knowledge-Based, Generative Instruction, H M Halff et al 3. Authoring Simulation-Centered Learning Environments with Rides and Vivids A Munro Section II: Authoring Tools That Encode Human Expertise 4. A Programming by Demonstration Authoring Tool for Model-Tracing Tutors S B Blessing 5. Automated Knowledge Acquisition for Intelligent Support of Diagnostic Reasoning D Towne 6. Formative Evaluation of an Automated Knowledge Elicitation and Organization Tool V J Shute and L A Torreano 7. Using Knowledge Objects to Design Instructional Learning Environments M D Merrill Section III: Authoring Tutors That Include Instructional Strategies 8. REEDEEM: Simple Intelligent Tutoring Systems from Usable Tools S Ainsworth et al 9. The IRIS Authoring Tool A Arruarte et al 10. CREAM-Tools: An Authoring Environment for Knowledge Engineering in Intelligent Tutoring Systems R Nkambou et al 11. Eon: Authoring Tools for Content, Instructional Strategy, Student Model and Interface Design T Murray Section IV: Special Purpose Authoring Tools 12. Suporting Educational Software Design with Knowledge-Rich Tools B Bell 13. Devloping Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems: From Design Models to Authoring Tools P Brusilovsky 14. The Leap Authoring Tool: Supporting Complex Courseware Authoring through Reuse, Rapid Prototyping, and Interactive Visualizations R Sparks et al Section V: General Theories and Designs 15. Principles for Pedagogy-oriented Knowledge Based Tutot Authoring Systems: Lessons Learned and a Design Meta-Model T Murray 16. Authoring Tools for Component-Based Learning Environments S Ritter et al 17. An Overview of Intelligent Tutoring System Authoring Tools: Updated Analysis of the State of the Art T Murray Author Index Subject Index
Autor: T. Murray
ISBN-13:: 9781402017728
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