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IUTAM Symposium on Asymptotics, Singularities and Homogenisation in Problems of Mechanics

.113, Solid Mechanics and Its Applications
Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held in Liverpool, UK, 8-11 July 2002
PREFACECHAPTER 1: Wave Propagation and Scattering
J. Kaplunov, V. Kovalev and M. Wilde, Asymptotic Analysis of Higher Order Peripheral Modes in Acoustic Wave Scattering by an Elastic Cylinder or Sphere
C.M. Linton, Embedding Formulas and Singularities in Acoustic Scattering
A. Nicolet, S. Guenneau, F. Zolla, C. Geuzaine, B. Kulhmey and G. Renversez, Numerical Investigation of Photonic Crystal Fibers by Spectral and Multipole methods
Y.A. Antipov and V.V. Silvestrov, Method of Hyperelliptic Surfaces for Vector Functional-Difference Equations
S.V. Vladimirov, M.P. Hertzberg and N.F. Cramer, Dynamics of Charge Rotators and Lattice Waves in a Plasma Environment
O. Avila-Pozos, A.B. Movchan and S.V. Sorokin, Propagation of Elastic Waves Along Interfaces in Layered Beams
S.B. Platts and N.V. Movchan, Low Frequency Band Gaps and Localised Modes for Arrays of Coated Inclusions
J.S. Jensen and O. Sigmund, Phononic Band Gap Structures as Optimal Designs
I.M. Mohamed-Guled, J.B. Lawrie, A Parametric Investigation of the Acoustic Power in a Two-dimensional Waveguide with Membrane Bounded Cavity
J. Servant, S. Guenneau, A.B. Movchan and C. Poulton, Vibrations of a Circular Cylinder in Oblique Incidence Revisited
I.F. Bercial-Velez, Asymptotic Analysis of a 'Crack' in a Layer of Finite Thickness
V. Zalipaev, Summation of Gaussian Beams in 3D Problems of Radiation and Scattering of Elastic Waves
CHAPTER 2: Asymptotics for Eigenvalue Problems
A.G. Aslanyan, A.B. Movchan and O. Selsil, Asymptotics for the First Six Eigenfrequencies of a 1D-3D Multi-structure
E. Babenkova and J. Kaplunov, The Two-term Interior Asymptotic Expansion in the Case of Low-frequency Longitudinal Vibrations of an Elongated Elastic Rectangle
C.G. Poulton, S. Guenneau, A.B. Movchan and A. Nicolet, Transverse Propagating Waves in Perturbed Periodic Structures
D.J. Hasanyan, G.T. Piliposian, A.H. Kamalyan and M.I. Karakhanyan, Anti-Plane Harmonic Problems for a Class of Elastic Materials with Functional Inhomogeneity
J.B. Lawrie and R. Kirby, On Analysing the Performance of a Dissipative Silencer: a Mode-matching Approach
CHAPTER 3: Green's Functions and Defect Modes
C.G. Poulton, R.C. McPhedran, N.A. Nicorovici and L.C. Botten, Localized Green's Functions for a Two-Dimensional Periodic Material
P.G. Martinsson, G.J. Rodin, Boundary Algebraic Equations for Lattice Problems
CHAPTER 4: Mathematical Models of Cracks
J.R. Willis, Dynamic Perturbation of a Propagating Crack: Implications for Crack Stability
O. Obrezanova, A.B. Movchan and J.R. Willis, Dynamic Crack Stability
O. Selsil, I.S. Jones and A.B. Movchan, A Thermoelasticity Problem in a Domain with an Edge Crack: Asymptotic Analysis
I.S. Jones, Methods of Assessment of Thermal Striping Fatigue Damage
M. Gei, K. Radi, Near-tip Fields of Mode III Steady-state Crack Propagation in Elastic-plastic Strain Gradient Solids
G.S. Mishuris, Mode III Interface Crack Lying at Thin Nonhomogeneous Anisotropic Interface. Asymptotics near the Crack Tip
M.N. Perelmuter, Fracture Criterion for Cracks with Bridged Zone
CHAPTER 5: Models of Damage in Solids
A. Cherkaev and L. Zhornitskaya, Dynamics of Damage in Two-dimensional Structures with Waiting Links
S.E. Mikhailov and I.V. Namestnikova, Local and Non-local Approaches to Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation
J. Sivaloganathan and S.J. Spector, A Variational Approach to Modelling Initiation of Fracture in Nonlinear Elasticity
H. Gao and B. Ji, Modeling Fracture in Nano-Materials
M. Brun, D. Bigoni and D. Capuani, Boundary Elements and Shear Bands in Incremental Elasticity
CHAPTER 6: Homogenisation Analysis and Models of Composite Media
E. Cherkaev, Spectral Coupling of Effective Properties of a Random Mixture
M. Hori, T. Ichimura and H. Nakagawa, Homogenization Techniques Applied to Earthquake Problems
A. Fadili, P.M.J.
Thissymposiumwasorganisedtoprovidecross-linkingofresearchact- ities in the following areas of Applied Mathematics, Continuum Mechanics and Theoretical Physics: Perturbation problems for partial di?erential equations and their - plications in mechanics; Homogenisation theory in models of composite structures; Fracture. Mathematical models of cracks in solids; Wave propagation, scattering; Models of photonic and phononic band gap composite materials; Models of dislocations in lattice structures; Asymptotic and numerical models of imperfect interfaces. Thetopicscoveredinthisvolumerepresenttheresultsoftherecentwork in wave propagation and scattering, asymptotics for eigenvalue problems, analysis of localised defect modes , mathematical models of cracks and damage in solids, homogenisation approximations and models of comp- ites, modelsofplatesandshells, analysisofphysical?eldsnearnon-smooth boundaries, modelling of gas and ?uid ?ows, non-linear waves, models of combustion and advanced numerical methods. All the papers included in this volume have been carefully refereed. The Appendix, at the end of the volume, includes the complete programme of the meeting. The International Scienti?c Committee responsible for the Symposium comprised of the following: Prof. A.B. Movchan (UK) - Chairman, Prof. I.D. Abrahams (UK), Prof. A. Aslanyan (Russia), Prof. D. Bigoni (Italy), Prof. H. Gao (Germany/USA), Prof. K.Z. Markov (Bulgaria), Prof. R.C. McPhedran (Australia), Prof. J. Salencon (France), Prof. W. Wendland (Germany). On behalf of the Scienti?c Committee, I would like to acknowledge the ?nancial support for the Symposium from International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 1 A.B. Movchan (ed.), IUTAM Symposium on Asymptotics, Singularities and Homogenisation in Problems of Mechanics, 1 2.
Autor: A. B. Movchan
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