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Autor: H. W. Heymann
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Why Teach Mathematics?

Vol.33, Mathematics Education Library
A Focus on General Education
Preface to the English Edition
1: Introduction 2: An Outline of the Concept of General Education as a Frame of Reference
2.1 Preparation for Later Life
2.2 Promoting Cultural Competence
2.3 Developing an Understanding of the World
2.4 Development of Critical Thinking
2.5 Developing a Willingness to Assume Responsibility
2.6 Practice in Communication and Cooperation
2.7 Enhancing Students' Self-Esteem
2.8 Concluding Remarks on the Scope and Status of this Concept of General Education 3: Mathematics Instruction From the Perspective of General Education
3.1 Mathematics Instruction and Preparation for Later Life
3.2 Mathematics Instruction and Cultural Competence
3.3 Developing an Understanding of the World in Mathematics Instruction
3.4 Thinking, Understanding, and the Use of Critical Thinking in Mathematics Instruction
3.5 Mathematics Instruction With Socio-ethical and Student-Related Objectives: Responsibility, Communication and Cooperation, Enhancing Students' Self-Esteem
3.6 Elements of a New Culture of Instruction 4: A Profile of Mathematics Teaching as Part of a General Education Notes
The cultural and practical significance of mathematics in our society contrasts strikingly with the way adolescents experience mathematics in school. Mathematics teaching, it appears, succeeds in promoting abilities related to systematical and critical thinking, to problem solving, and to formulating rational arguments only for a minority of students. Why Teach Mathematics presents detailed arguments for seven interconnected objectives of a school system aiming at general education. A specific concept of general education involving these seven objectives serves as a criterion for a critique of the current widespread form of mathematics instruction, identifying its deficits and determining which innovations are necessary. Existing concepts of mathematics teaching are reexamined and assessed in the light of the concept of general education. Finally, the book provides a profile of an alternative mathematics instruction that can, indeed, help to realize a general education.
Autor: H. W. Heymann
ISBN-13:: 9781402017865
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Gewicht: 567g
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