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Autor: Mary Ann Gardell Cutter
ISBN-13: 9781402017964
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Reframing Disease Contextually

Vol.81, Philosophy and Medicine
Preface. 1: Introduction. 1. Why Study Disease? 2. Four Philosophical Debates. 3. Occasion for Inquiry. 4. Limitations. 5. Program for Investigation. 6. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 2: The Development of Disease: The Case of AIDS. 1. Explaining AIDS. 2. Knowing and Treating in Clinical Medicine. 3. Negotiating the Ways of Clinical Explanation. 4. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 3: The Nature of Disease. 1. What is Disease? A Debate. 2.Limited Realism: Disease as Relation. 3. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 4: Knowing Disease. 1. How do We Know Disease? A Debate. 2. Representative Realism: Explaining Disease. 3. On the Clinical Method. 4. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 5: Knowing and Treating Disease. 1. Manipulating Disease: A Debate. 2.Clinical Recipes: Clinical Models as Treatment Warrants. 3.Interplay between Knowing and Treating Disease. 4. Toward a Practical Epistemology. 5. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 6: The Role of Values in a Disease. 1. Whether Values Play a Role: A Debate. 2. Nature of Values: A Further Debate. 3. A Limited Stipulative Approach. 4. Facts and Values. 5. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 7: A Geography of Values in Disease. 1. Kinds of Values. 2. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 8: The Context of Disease. 1. Contextualism and Disease. 2. Why Contextualism is Not Relativism. 3. A Central Role for Negotiation. 4. Disease, Uncertainty and Mystery. 5. Localizing Disease. 6. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 9: Concepts of Genetic Disease. 1. What We Know. 2. Toward an Understanding of Genetic Disease. 3. Bioethical Challenges. 4. Negotiating Diverse Values in a Pluralist Society. 5. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 10: Concepts of Gendered Disease. 1. The Medicalization of Women's Place: Some Notes from History. 2. Rise of the U.S. Women's Health Movement. 3. Gender Matters. 4. Gendering Disease. 5. Closing. Chapter Endnotes. 11: Conclusion. 1. Putting it All Together Again. 2. Implications for Medicine. 3. The Need for Philosophy of Medicine. 4. The Need for Analyses of Disease. References. Index.
Reframing Disease Contextually will be of particular interest to philosophers of medicine, bioethicists, and philosophers. It may also be of value to medical professionals, historians of western medicine, and health policy makers who take interest in the conceptual foundations of medicine.This book: - provides an overview of key debates in the history of modern western medicine on the nature, knowledge, and value of disease; - illustrates how these debates relate; - provides a "contextual" or "localized" way of understanding disease; - includes case studies of e.g. AIDS, genetic disease, and gendered disease; - conveys the importance of the intersection and interrelation between and among factors that make up disease; - illustrates how bioethical discussions about disease naming, classification, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment are part of a much greater discussion in philosophy of medicine.
Autor: Mary Ann Gardell Cutter
ISBN-13:: 9781402017964
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