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Geometric Modeling: Techniques, Applications, Systems and Tools

Section I: Techniques.- 1 Modeling and Visualization of Complex Geometric Environments.- 2 Adaptive Surfaces Fairing by Geometric Diffusion.- 3 Finite Difference Surface Representation Considering Effect of Boundary Curvature.- 4 A New and Direct Approach for Loop Subdivision Surface Fitting.- 5 A Novel Algorithm for Computing Intersections of Two Surfaces of Revolution.- 6 An Improved Scan-line Algorithm for Display of CSG Models.- 7 Rotating Squares to Boundary Cubes: Boundary Representation and Classification Techniques fr Two- and Three-dimensional Objects.- 8 A Rational Spline with Point Tension: An Alternative to NURBS of Degree Three.- Section II: Applications.- 9 Muscle Modeling and Rendering.- 10 Skeletal Implicit Surface Reconstruction and Particle System for Organ's Interactions Simulation.- 11 Constraint Satisfaction Techniques for the Generation Phase in Declarative Modeling.- 12 Surface Reconstruction Based on Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions.- 13 Grid Method Classification of Islamic Geometric Patterns.- 14 Web Based VRML Modeling.- 15 A Rational Spline with Inflection points and Singularities Tests on Convex Data.- Section III: Systems & Tools.- 16 Automatic Curve Fairing System Using Visual Languages.- 17 Hair Design Based on the Hierarchical Cluster Hair Model.- 18 Shape Modeling for 3D Archaeological Vessels.- 19 Archimedean Kaleidoscope: A Cognitive Tool to Support Thinking and Reasoning about Geometric Solids.- 20 Towards a Web Based CAD System.- 21 Interactive Handling of a Construction Plan in CAD.- 22 Computer Aided Chair Design System Using Form Features.- Section On Colored Pictures.- Author.
Computer Aided techniques, Applications, Systems and tools for Geometric Modeling are extremely useful in a number of academic and industrial settings. Specifically, Computer Aided Geometric Modeling (CAGM) plays a significant role in the construction of - signing and manufacturing of various objects. In addition to its cri- cal importance in the traditional fields of automobile and aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, and general product design, more - cently, the CAGM methods have also proven to be indispensable in a variety of modern industries, including computer vision, robotics, medical imaging, visualization, and even media. This book aims to provide a valuable source, which focuses on - terdisciplinary methods and affiliate research in the area. It aims to provide the user community with a variety of Geometric Modeling techniques, Applications, systems and tools necessary for various real life problems in the areas such as: Font Design Medical Visualization Scientific Data Visualization Archaeology Toon Rendering Virtual Reality Body Simulation It also aims to collect and disseminate information in various dis- plines including: Curve and Surface Fitting Geometric Algorithms Scientific Visualization Shape Abstraction and Modeling Intelligent CAD Systems Computational Geometry Solid Modeling v Shape Analysis and Description Industrial Applications The major goal of this book is to stimulate views and provide a source where researchers and practitioners can find the latest dev- opments in the field of Geometric Modeling.
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Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz is a member of the Department of Information and Computer Science, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.
Autor: Muhammad Sarfraz
ISBN-13:: 9781402018176
ISBN: 1402018177
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Gewicht: 974g
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