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Scattered and Filtered Solar UV Measurements

Vol.17, Advances in Global Change Research
1 Introduction.- 1. Solar Ultraviolet Radiation.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2 Electromagnetic Radiation.- 1.3 UV Wavebands.- 1.4 Radiometric Units.- 1.5 Solar UV.- 1.6 UV Index.- 2. Atmospheric Ozone and Aerosols.- 2.1 Ozone.- 2.2 Scattering Processes.- 3. Solar Zenith Angle.- 4. Earth's Orbit.- 5. Surface Albedo.- 6. Altitude.- 7. Summary.- 2 Diffuse Ambient Solar UV.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Diffuse UV Spectral Irradiances.- 2.1 Diffuse UV.- 2.2 Spectral Measurement.- 2.3 Spectra.- 2.4 Biologically Damaging UV.- 3. Summary.- 3 Personal Solar UV Exposures in Diffuse UV Settings.- 1. Introduction.- 2. UV in Tree Shade.- 2.1 Global UV in Tree Shade.- 2.2 Diffuse Irradiances in Tree Shade.- 3. Personal UV Exposure Distribution.- 3.1 Polysulphone Dosimeters.- 3.2 Personal UV Exposures in Tree Shade.- 4. Summary.- 4 Influence of Clouds on Solar UV.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Cloud Detection.- 2.1 Introduction.- 2.2 Satellite-based.- 2.3 Ground-based.- 2.4 Case Study.- 3. UV and Cloud Studies.- 3.1 Introduction.- 3.2 Inferred Cloud Detection.- 3.3 Direct Cloud Detection.- 3.4 Spectral Dependency.- 4. Summary.- 5 UV Enhancement by Cloud.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Literature Review.- 2.1 Overview.- 2.2 UVA Case study.- 3. UVB Enhancement.- 3.1 UVB Case Study.- 3.2 Postulated Mechanism.- 4. Spectral Dependency Revisited.- 5. Summary.- 6 Glass Filtered Solar UV.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Glass Transmitted UV Spectrum.- 2.1 Standard Window Glass.- 2.2 Automobile Window Glass.- 2.3 Special Types of Glasses.- 3. Filtered UV in a Greenhouse: Case Study.- 3.1 Spectral Transmission.- 3.2 UVA Irradiances.- 3.3 Erythemal UV Irradiances.- 3.4 Six Hour Erythemal Exposures.- 4. Summary.- 7 Solar UV in Automobiles: Ambient and Personal Exposures.- 1. Introduction.- 2. UV Radiation in Automobiles.- 2.1 UV Radiation in Automobiles: An Overview.- 3. Measurement of UV in Automobiles.- 3.1 Experimental Design: Laboratory vs. Field Based.- 3.2 Broad Band Filtered UV in an Automobile.- 3.3 Spectral UV Irradiances in an Automobile.- 4. Annual UVA Exposure in an Automobile.- 4.1 Estimates of Long-term UVA.- 4.2 Estimates of Seasonal UVA.- 4.3 Estimates of Annual UVA.- 4.4 Personal Ultraviolet-A Exposure in an Automobile.- 5. Summary.- References.
Scattered and Filtered Solar UV Measurements provides comprehensive information about the scattered and filtered solar UV environment, the techniques to measure this radiation and the resulting UV exposures to humans. The incidence of skin cancer and sun-related eye disorders can be reduced by the minimization of exposures to UV radiation. For this to occur, a greater understanding of the solar UV exposure to humans for varying conditions and in different environments is necessary. Accordingly, this book aims to quantify, understand and provide information on the filtered and scattered solar UV. This book is aimed at students and new researchers in the field of solar UV and environmental measurements; however there is sufficient detail to provide a valuable reference for the experienced researcher. Researchers and students in atmospheric sciences, health sciences, environmental monitoring, photobiology and skin cancer prevention will find this monograph useful.
Autor: Alfio V. Parisi
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