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Autor: John C. Smart
ISBN-13: 9781402066559
Einband: Taschenbuch
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Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research

Volume 22
1: A Career out of Control (Maybe): James L. Bess,- 2: Accountability: Assessment and the Scholarship of 'Best Practice': Alicia C. Dowd and Vincent P. Tong,- 3: Striving for What? Exploring the Pursuit of Prestige: KerryAnn O'Meara,- 4: 'Outsiders', Students Subcultures, and the Massification of Higher Education: Richard Flacks and Scott L. Thomas,- 5: Teachers ' Nonverbal Behavior and Its Effects on Students: Elisha Babad,- 6: The Pell Program at Thirthy Years: Bradley R. Curs et al,- The Political Economy of Redistribution through Higher Education Subsidies: William R. Doyle,- 8: Adjusting for Nonresponse in Surveys: Gary R. Pike,- 9: Neoliberal Policies and Community College Faculty Work: John S. Levin,- 10: Signals and Strategies in Hiring Faculty of Color: Franklin A. Tuitt et al,- 11 Marketing Sameness: Consumerism, Commercialism and the Status Quo: Deron R. Boyles.
Published annually since 1985, the Handbook series provides a compendium of thorough and integrative literature reviews on a diverse array of topics of interest to the higher education scholarly and policy communities. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of research findings on a selected topic, critiques the research literature in terms of its conceptual and methodological rigor, and sets forth an agenda for future research intended to advance knowledge on the chosen topic. The Handbook focuses on twelve general areas that encompass the salient dimensions of scholarly and policy inquiries undertaken in the international higher education community. The series is fortunate to have attracted annual contributions from distinguished scholars throughout the world.
Autor: John C. Smart
ISBN-13:: 9781402066559
ISBN: 1402066554
Verlag: Springer Netherlands
Gewicht: 862g
Seiten: 611
Sprache: Englisch
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