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Autor: Marcus Düwell
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The Contingent Nature of Life

Vol.39, International Library of Ethics, Law, and the New Medicine
Bioethics and the Limits of Human Existence
Introduction;Contingency of Life and the Ethical.
The value of natural contingency, Siep, Ludwig; Between natural necessity and ethical contingency, Adanali, Ahmet Hadi; Of poststructuralist ethics and nomadic subjects, Braidotti, Rosi; Genetics, a practical anthropology, Rehmann-Sutter, Christoph; Science, religion, and contingency, Mieth, Dietmar. Ethical Theories and the Limits of Life Sciences.
Bioethics and the normative concept of human selfhood, Honnefelder, Ludger; Human cognitive vulnerability and the moral status of the human embryo and foetus, Beyleveld, Deryck; Needs and the metaphysics of rights, Baertschi, Bernard; The authority of desire in medicine, Kettner, Matthias; Procreative needs and rights, Campagna, Norbert; Needs, capacities and morality, Düwell, Marcus; Moral judgement and moral reasoning, Musschenga, Albert W; Philosophical reflection on bioethics and limits, van Willigenburg, Theo. Cases of Limits.
Finite lives and unlimited medical aspirations, Callahan, Daniel; Reproductive choice: Whose Rights? Whose Freedom?Almond, Brenda; Assisted reproduction and the changing of the human body, Mori, Maurizio On the limits of liberal bioethics: A 'Critical Ethics of Responsibility' approach, Haker, Hille; The human embryo as clinical tool, McLean, Sheila A.M.; The naked Emperor; Bioethics today and tomorrow, Korthals, Michiel. Abilities and Disabilities.
Disability: Suffering, social oppression, or complex predicament, Shakespeare, Tom; Disability and moral philosophy, Graumann, Sigrid; Neuroprosthetics, Anderson, Joel. Others' Views: Intercultural Perspectives.
Normative relations. East Asian perspectives on biomedicine and bioethics, Becker, Gerhold K; Limits of human existence according to China's bioethics, Döring, Ole; There is the world, and there is the map of the world. The ethics of basic research, Zoloth, Laurie;Reflections on human dignity and the Israeli debate, Shalev, Carmel; Conceiving of human life, Yudin, Boris; Globalization and the dynamic role of human rights, Romeo-Casabona, Carlos M.
This volume explores the different dimensions of how the contingency of life, and especially human life, is relevant for ethical discussions and the normative frameworks in bioethics. It explores the relevance of the notion contingency, needs and desires for moral argumentation and bioethics. The volume discusses those notions in a philosophical perspective. Additionally, the volume is a contribution to a deeper reflection on basic philosophical assumptions of bioethics.
Editiert von: Marcus Düwell, Christoph Rehmann-Sutter, Dietmar Mieth
Marcus Düwell, geboren 1962, ist Professor für Ethik an der Universität Utrecht, Wissenschaftlicher Direktor des Ethik-Instituts in Utrecht sowie wissenschaftlicher Direktor der Niederländischen Forschungsschule für Praktische Philosophie.Dr. Christoph Rehmann-Sutter, Molekularbiologe und Philosoph, lehrt an der Universität Basel.
Dietmar Mieth, geboren 1940, ist Professor für Theologische Ethik an der Universität Tübingen. Neben den Bereichen der Sozialethik und der biomedizinischen Ethik zählt die Mystik zu seinen Forschungsschwerpunkten.
Autor: Marcus Düwell
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