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New Methodologies and Techniques for a Sustainable Organic Chemistry

Nato Science Series II
Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on New Methodologies and Techniques in Organic Chemistry: Sustainable Development in a Secure Environment Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, Italy, 14-23 October 2005
Reactions in Non-Conventional Media for Sustainable Organic Synthesis; R.A. Sheldon.-
Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis With Novel Monodentate Phosphorus Ligands; B.D. Chapsal and I. Ojima.-
New Cyclization And Cycloaddition Reactions In Organic Synthesis; Wen-Hua Chiou and I. Ojima.-
New Chiral Catalysts For C-C-Bond Formations; C. Bolm.-
Intramolecular Reactions Of Alkynes With Alkenes Catalyzed by Platinum and Gold; A.M. Eehavarren et al.-
Industrial Synthesis Design With Low Environmental Impact In the Pharma Industry; W. Cabri.-
New Efficient Catalytic Processes in Water. An Environmental Benign Solvent; J.-P. Genet.-
Homo- & Heterogeneous Catalysis Using Base Metals From Groups 10 & 11; B.H. Lipshutz.-
An Introduction to Supercritical Fluids: From Bench Scale to Commercial Plant; P. Licence and M. Poliakoff.-
Solventless Reactions Under Microwave Activation: Safety And Efficiency at the Service of Customer Friendly Chemistry; A. Ricci.-
Adventures In Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis: Contributions from the Kappe Laboratory 2000-2005; C. Oliver Kappe et al.-
Development Of New Supported Reagents For The Synthesis of Biologically Active Molecules; A. Solinas and M. Taddei.-
Photochemistry As A Green Synthetic Method; A. Albini and M. Fagnoni.-
Novel Methods for the Separation of Optical Isomers; F. Faigl et al.-
Highly Selective Metalation Reactions; A. Mordini et al.
Chemical industries have to face the big challenge of finding adequate processes to produce large quantities of new products for which there is a present need, decreasing at the same time both the impact on the environment and the risk of disasters. These issues have led to the establishment of new concepts of sustainable development as affirmed in the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development in the early 90 s and has been the subject of intensive studies in the last two decades. The book addresses this challenge collecting the recent New Methodologies and Techniques for a Sustainable Organic Chemistry . It provides a wealth of information in the fields of
- New efficient and selective catalytic processes - Use of non-usual media or environmentally benign reagents - New selective and efficient synthetic methods - New techniques based on alternative energy sources.
All these topics are covered in 15 chapters written by world-renowned experts in these fields who were the lecturers of the NATO ASI NeMeTOC (2005, Siena). Since some of the authors have an industrial background, the book helps to answer virtually any questions which may arise during the development of a new environmentally benign organic process.
Autor: Alessandro Mordini
ISBN-13:: 9781402067921
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