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Autor: Lisa Ryan Musgrave
ISBN-13: 9781402068362
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Erscheinungsdatum: 14.05.2019

Feminist Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: The Power of Critical Visions and Creative Engagement

Part I. Turning This Century: Frameworks in Feminist Aesthetics Today.- Chapter 1. The End of Feminist Aesthetics: Bodies, Images, and Art (Jennifer Ingle).- Chapter 2. Feminist Art: The Very Idea! (Sheila Lintott).- Chapter 3. The Feminist Art project (TFAP) and Its Significance For Aesthetics (Peg Zeglin Brand).- Chapter 4. Restyling the Museum in Feminist Theory: Glancing From Somewhere (Hilde Hein).- Part II. Feminist Aesethetics and Epistemology: Judgments, Interests, Knowledge and Knowers.- Chapter 5. Beauty and Its Shadow: A Feminist Critique of Disinterestedness (Katy Deepwell).- Chapter 6. Why Feminists Shouldn't Deny Disinterestedness (Anne Eaton).- Chapter 7. The Aesthetics Of Ignorance (Monique Roelofs).- Chapter 8. Judgments of Taste and Feeling Norms: Lessons From Hume for a Naturalised Feminist Aesthetics (Amy M. Schmitter).- Part III. Current Themes in Feminist Aesthetics.- Chapter 9. Representing Women: Lisa Yuskavage and Kiki Smith (Mary Wiseman).- Chapter 10. Feminist Theater and the Aesthetics of Transformation (Jennifer Cavenaugh).- Chapter 11. Body Matters: The Aesthetic Relevance of 'Dancing Along' (Renee Conroy).- Chapter 12. Feminist Aesthetics, Popular Music, and the Politics of the 'Mainstream' (Robin James).- Chapter 13. Feminist Ethics: A Bearing on Aesthetic Judgments (Judit Törok).- Chapter 14. Feminism's 'Exact Imagination': The Negative Dialectical Subtext of Sally Potter's The Tango Lesson (Regina Cochrane).- Chapter 15. Art and Imagination: Revisioning the Maternal (Amy Mullin).- Chapter 16. The Sublime (Bonnie Mann).- Chapter 17. Holly Lane's Portrayal of Mary Magdalene as a Proto-Ecofeminist (Ruth Porritt).- Chapter 18. Feminist Politics and the Culture Industry: Adorno's Critique Revisited (Lambert Zuidervaart).- Chapter 19. 'what you see is (more than) what you see': Kantian Disinterest, Minimalism, and Feminist Art (Hilary Davis).- Chapter 20. Feminist Art Objecting: Spero's Alternative Modernism (L. Ryan Musgrave).- Chapter 21. Not A "Woman" Artist: Amirita Sher-Gil's Modernist Quest for Freedom and Identity in Colonial India (Nalini Bhushan).- Part IV. Beyond Western Feminist Aesthetics.- Chapter 22. Making the Fetish: The Ethics of Aesthetics in a Feminist Performance Ethnography (Laura Chakravarty Box).- Chapter 23. Beauty as a Philosophy of Mind and Body: Confucian Aesthetics and Its Feminist Modalities (Eva Kit Wah Man).- Chapter 24. Early Feminist Aesthetics in Japan: Murasaki Shikibu, Sei Shonagon, and A Thousand Years of the Female Voice in Japan (Mara Miller).
While much feminist philosophy is enjoying third- and fourth-wave developments building on its scholarly roots forged in the 1960's and 1970's, feminist theoretical work has taken what seems an exceptionally long time to break into the stubborn areas of aesthetics and philosophy of art. Aesthetics may seem like a back-burner issue generally, if we understand feminism mainly as a social justice movement seeking equality and solutions to socioeconomic, political, and cultural inequities. Framed this way, theories and practices concerning artistic production and/or engagement may seem less pressing or useful than, say, work in the sister area of feminist social and political theory. The truth, however, is that aesthetic value, political value, ethical value (ven scientific value and religious value) intersect in meaningful and complex ways, both in oppressive practices and liberatory strategies. The essays in Feminist Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art: Critical V isions, Creative Engagements address this dearth in the field, and explore connections between these too-often-separated value spheres while drawing on and offering critiques of work in traditional philosophical aesthetics. Accessible for graduates and advanced undergraduates, the collection is especially relevant in areas of sociopolitical philosophy, ethics, phenomenology, epistemology, critical social theory and cultural studies. It is a rich resource for feminist scholars across all disciplines, and will also interest a general educated popular audience curious about art, feminism, practices of creative engagement, and with ways these interact or contrast with daily life.
Autor: Lisa Ryan Musgrave
ISBN-13:: 9781402068362
ISBN: 1402068360
Erscheinungsjahr: 14.05.2019
Verlag: Springer Netherlands
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