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Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacological Potential of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes

Vol.1, Carbon Materials: Chemistry and Physics
Preface 1 - Twenty Years of Promises: Fullerene in Medicinal Chemistry
Tatiana Da Ros 2 - Biomedical Applications of Functionalised Carbon Nanotubes
Alberto Bianco, Raquel Sainz, Shouping Li, Hélène Dumortier, Lara Lacerda, Kostas Kostarelos, Silvia Giordani, and Maurizio Prato 3 - Antioxidant Properties of Water-Soluble Fullerene Derivatives
Florian Beuerle, Russell Lebovitz, and Andreas Hirsch 4 - Fullerenes as Photosensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy
Pawel Mroz, George P. Tegos, Hariprasad Gali, Timothy Wharton, Tadeusz Sarna, and Michael R. Hamblin 5 - Photodynamic Inactivation of Enveloped Viruses by Fullerene: Study of Efficacy and Safety
Vladimir V. Zarubaev, Oleg Kiselev, Inna Belousova, Vladimir Rylkov, Alexander Slita, Alexey Sirotkin, Pavel Anfimov, Tatyana Muraviova, and Andrey Starodubtsev 6 - Effects of Photoexcited Fullerene C60-Composites in Normal and Transformed Cells
S.V. Prylutska, I.I. Grynyuk, O.P. Matyshevska, A.A. Golub, A.P. Burlaka, Yu.I. Prylutskyy, U. Ritter, and P. Scharff 7 - Biological Effects in Cell Cultures of Fullerene C60: Dependence on Aggregation State
Levon B. Piotrovsky, Mikhail Yu. Eropkin, Elena M. Eropkina, Marina A. Dumpis, and Oleg I. Kiselev 8 - Gadolinium Endohedral Metallofullerene-Based MRI Contrast Agents
Robert D. Bolskar 9 - Biomolecules Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes and Their Applications
Daxiang Cui 10 - Applications of Carbon-Based Nanomaterials for Drug Delivery in Oncology
Nicole H. Levi-Polyachenko, David L. Carroll, and John H. Stewart,IV 11 - Visualization of Carbon Nanoparticles Within Cells and Implications for Toxicity
Alexandra Porter 12 - Pharmacological Applications of Biocompatible Carbon Nanotubes and Their Emerging Toxicology Issues
Tae-Joon Park, Jeffrey G. Martin, and Robert J. Linhardt 13 - Solubility of Fullerenes in Fatty Acids Esters: A New Way to Deliver In Vivo Fullerenes. Theoretical Calculations and Experimental Results
Franco Cataldo 14 - New Approach to QSPR Modeling of Fullerene C60 Solubility in Organic Solvents: An Application of SMILES-Based Optimal Descriptors
A.A. Toropov, B.F. Rasulev, D. Leszczynska, and J. Leszczynski 15 - Functionalized Nanomaterials to Sense Toxins/Pollutant Gases Using Perturbed Microwave Resonant Cavities
Aman Anand, J.A. Roberts, and J.N. Dahiya 16 - Cellular Nanotubes: Membrane Channels for Intercellular Communication
Raquel Negrão Carvalho and Hans-Hermann Gerdes
Fullerenes and nanotubes are two classes of carbon structures or allotropes, which were discovered about 17 years ago. Since that time, many chemical derivatives have been synthesized using fullerenes and nanotubes as building blocks.Particularly promising was the theory that the chemical properties of fullerenes, and certain derivatives, made them likely candidates for anticancer drugs, inhibitors of viruses such as HIV, or even as anti-bacterials. Their cyctotoxicity can also be controlled by specific circumstances.
In addition, the funtionalization of nanotubes has not only produced relatively simple derivatives, but also complex hybrids with biological macromolecules, which show unique supramolecular architecture and which are promising in many medical applications.
The application of fullerenes and nanotubes in medicine is at the frontier of our knowledge, thus the work in this field represents the basis for future novel developments.
Autor: Franco Cataldo
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