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Autor: Tarek Sobh
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Advances in Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering

1. A New Technique for Unequal-Spaced Channel-Allocation Problem in WDM Transmission System/ A.B.M.Mozzammel Hossain and Md. Saifuddin Faruk. 2. An Algorithm to Remove Noise from Audio Signal by Noise Subtraction/ Abdelshakour Abuzneid et al. 3. Support Vector Machines based Arabic Language Text Classification System/ A.Moh'd. Mesleh. 4. Visual Attention in Foveated Images/ A.Yavari, H.R. Pourreza. 5. Frequency Insensitive Digital Sampler and Its Application to the Electronic Reactive Power Meter/ A.N. Abiyev. 6. Non-Linear Control Applied to an Electrochemical Process to Remove Cr(VI) from Plating Wastewater/ Regalado-Méndez, A. 7. Semantics for the Specification of Asynchronous Communicating Systems (SACS)/ A.V.S. Rajan et al. 8. Application Multicriteria Decision Analysis on TV Digital/ A.K.Araújo de Castro et al. 9. A Framework for the Development and Testing of Cryptographic Software/ A.Burnett, T.Dowling. 10. Transferable Lessons from Biological and Supply Chain Networks to Autonomic Computing/ A.Calinescu. 11. Experiences from an Empirical Study of Programs Code Coverage/ A.Derezinska. 12. A Secure and Efficient Micropayment System/ A.Nguyen and X.Shao. 13. An Empirical Investigation of Defect Management in Free/ A.Gupta, R.Kumar Singla. 14. A Parallel Algorithm that Enumerates all the Cliques in an Undirected Graph/ A. S. Bavan. 15. Agent Based Framework for Worm Detection/ El-Menshawy et al. 16. Available Bandwidth Based Congestion Avoidance Scheme for TCP: Modeling and Simulation/ A. O. Oluwatope et al. 17. On the modeling and control of the Cartesian Parallel Manipulator/ A.Y. Elkady et al. 18. Resource Allocation in Market-based Grids Using a History-based Pricing Mechanism/ B.Pourebrahimi et al. 19. Epistemic Structured Representation for Legal Transcript Analysis/ T.Hughes et al. 20. A Dynamic Approach to Software Bug Estimation/ Chuanlei Zhang et al. 21. Soft Biometrical Students Identification Method for e-Learning/ D.Kumlander. 22.Innovation in Telemedicine/ D.Lopes et al. 23. Service-enabled Business Processes/ C.K. Georgiadis, E.Pimenidis. 24. Image Enhancement using Frame Extraction Through Time/ E.Coleshill et al. 25. A Comparison Of Software For Architectural Simulation Of Natural Light/ E.Christakou and N. Silva. 26. Vehicle Recognition Using Curvelet Transform and Thresholding/ F.Mohamad Kazemi et al. 27. Vehicle Detection Using a Multi-agent Vision-based System/ S.Samadi et al. 28. Using Attacks Ontology in Distributed Intrusion Detection System/ F.Abdoli, M.Kahani. 29. Predicting Effectively the Pronunciation of Chinese Polyphones by Extracting the Lexical Information/ F.-L.Huang et al. 30. MiniDMAIC: An Approach for Causal Analysis and Resolution in Software Development Projects/ M.G.S.Gonçalves, C.Ilane Moreira Bezerra, C.Carneiro Coelho, Carlo Giovano S. Pires. 31. Light Vehicle Event Data Recorder Forensics/ J.S.Daily et al. 32. Research of Network Control Systems with Competing Access to the Transfer Channel/ G.V.Abramov et al. 33. Service-Oriented Context-Awareness and Context-Aware Services/ H. Gümüskaya, M. V. Nural. 34. Autonomous Classification via Self-Formation of Collections in AuInSys/ H.H. Pham. 35. Grid Computing Implementation in Ad Hoc Networks/ A.Grnarov, et al. 36. One-Channel Audio Source Separation of Convolutive Mixture/ J.Taghia1, J.Taghia. 37. Extension of Aho-Corasick Algorithm to Detect Injection Attacks/ J.Rejeb, and M.Srinivasan. 38. Use of Computer Vision during the process of Quality Control in the classification of grain/ R.Salazar Juan Manuel, et al. 39. Theoretical Perspectives for E-Services Acceptance Model/ K.Sandhu. 40. E-Services Acceptance Model (E-SAM)/ K.Sandhu. 41. Factors for E-Services System Acceptance: A Multivariate Analysis/ K. Sandhu. 42. A Qualitative Approach to E-Services System Development/ K.Sandhu. 43. Construction of Group Rules for VLSI Application/ B-H.Kang et al. 44. Implementation of an Automated Single Camera
Advances in Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering includes a set of rigorously reviewed world-class manuscripts addressing and detailing state-of-the-art research projects in the areas of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Systems Engineering and Sciences.Advances in Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering includes selected papers from the conference proceedings of the International Conference on Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering (SCSS 2007) which was part of the International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information and Systems Sciences and Engineering (CISSE 2007).
Topics Covered:
Signal and Image Processing: Content Based Video Retrieval, Character Recognition, Incremental Learning for Speech Recognition, Signal Processing Theory and Methods, and Vision-based Monitoring Systems.
Software and Systems: Activity-Based Software Estimation, Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, Information Systems Security, Programming Languages, Software Protection Techniques, Software Protection Techniques, and User Interfaces.
Distributed Processing: Asynchronous Message Passing System, Heterogeneous Software Environments, Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Resource Allocation, and Sensor Networks.
Advanced and innovative techniques in computing: e-Science and Virtual Instrumentation, Fault-Tolerant Scheduling, Grid Computing, Microcracking in Cortical Bones, Service-oriented Architectures, and Virtualization in Data Warehouses.
Autor: Tarek Sobh
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