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Autor: Stuart H. Hurlbert
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The Salton Sea Centennial Symposium

Vol.201, Developments in Hydrobiology
Proceedings of a Symposium Celebrating a Century of Symbiosis Among Agriculture, Wildlife and People, 1905-2005, held in San Diego, California, USA, March 2005
This volume deals with many aspects of the physical and chemical limnology of the Salton Sea. Formed in 1905, this is California's largest lake and an important wildlife habitat. The lake may soon be subject to a multi-billion dollar restoration project.
Eutrophication, Nutrient Cycling, and Remediation.- Response in the water quality of the Salton Sea, California, to changes in phosphorus loading: an empirical modeling approach.- Long-term changes in the phosphorus loading to and trophic state of the Salton Sea, California.- Reducing dissolved phosphorus loading to the Salton Sea with aluminum sulfate.- Laboratory studies on the coprecipitation of phosphate with calcium carbonate in the Salton Sea, California.- A linked hydrodynamic and water quality model for the Salton Sea.- Barnacle growth rate on artificial substrate in the Salton Sea, California.- Physical and Chemical Limnology.- Relating fish kills to upwellings and wind patterns in the Salton Sea.- Properties and distribution of sediment in the Salton Sea, California: an assessment of predictive models.- Geochemistry of iron in the Salton Sea, California.- Contaminant Issues.- Transport and distribution of trace elements and other selected inorganic constituents by suspended particulates in the Salton Sea Basin, California, 2001.- Organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, metals, and trace elements in waterbird eggs, Salton Sea, California, 2004.- Occurrence, distribution and transport of pesticides into the Salton Sea Basin, California, 2001-2002.- Evaluation of potential impacts of perchlorate in the Colorado River on the Salton Sea, California.- Economics.- Fundamentals of estimating the net benefits of ecosystem preservation: the case of the Salton Sea.
This volume deals with many aspects of the physical and chemical limnology of the Salton Sea, California's largest lake and a lake that may soon to be the object of a multi-billion dollar restoration project. Formed in 1905 by an accidental breaching of outtake structures on the Colorado River, and maintained since then by large and steady inflows of agricultural wastewaters, it has long served as an important habitat for fish and waterbirds and as a major recreational area for people. Highlly eutrophic and with a salinity that is steadily rising and now nearly 50 g/L, it is a lake in great trouble. Most fish species have disappeared, and large fish and bird dieoffs have been common in recent decades. Many of the papers in this volume represent studies undertaken with the aim of informing the re-engineering of this ecosystem so that its value to wildlife and man can be restored or enhanced.
Autor: Stuart H. Hurlbert
ISBN-13:: 9781402088056
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