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Autor: Bert Gordijn
ISBN-13: 9781402088513
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Medical Enhancement and Posthumanity

Vol.2, The International Library of Ethics, Law and Technology
This book critically examines the pros and cons of our growing ability to shape human nature through technological advancements. It systematically analyzes the historical, conceptual and ethical issues regarding medical enhancement and posthumanity.
Bert Gordijn and Ruth Chadwick: Introduction Part One: Medical Enhancement I. Urban Wiesing: The History of Medical Enhancement: from Restitutio ad Integrum to Transformatio ad Optimum? II. Ruth Chadwick: Therapy, Enhancement and Improvement III. Kevin FitzGerald, SJ: Medical Enhancement: A Destination of Technological, Not Human, Betterment IV. Nicholas Agar: How to Defend Genetic Enhancement Part Two: Posthumanity V. Andy Miah: A Critical History of Posthumanism VI. Dieter Birnbacher: Posthumanity, Transhumanism and Human Nature VII. Nick Bostrom: Why I want to be a Posthuman When I Grow Up VIII. Charles T. Rubin: What is the Good of Transhumanism? Part Three: Current Developments IX. Mary Deveraux: Cosmetic Surgery X. Walter Glannon: Decelerating and Arresting Human Aging XI. Rebecca Dresser: Germline Genetic Modification XII. Ellen M. McGee: Bioelectronics and Implanted Devices XIII. Bert Gordijn: Converging NBIC Technologies for Improving Human Performance Michael J. Selgelid: Afterword. Advancing Posthuman Enhancement Dialogue
As we are increasingly using new technologies to change ourselves beyond therapy and in accordance with our own desires, understanding the challenges of human enhancement has become one of the most urgent topics of the current age. This volume contributes to such an understanding by critically examining the pros and cons of our growing ability to shape human nature through technological advancements. The authors undertake careful analyses of decisive questions that will confront society as enhancement interventions using bio-, info-, neuro- and nanotechnologies become widespread in the years to come. They provide the reader with the conceptual tools necessary to address such questions fruitfully. What makes the book especially attractive is the combination of conceptual, historical and ethical approaches, rendering it highly original. In addition, the well-balanced structure allows both favourable and critical views to be voiced. Moreover, the work has a crystal clear structure. As a consequence, the book is accessible to a broad academic audience. The issues raised are of interest to a wide reflective public concerned about science and ethics, as well as to students, academics and professionals in areas such as philosophy, applied ethics, bioethics, medicine and health management.
Editiert von: Bert Gordijn, Ruth Chadwick
Dr. Bert Gordijn ist Universitätsdozent am Fachbereich für Ethik, Philosophie und Geschichte der Medizin an der Universität Nijmegen/Niederlande und klinischer Ethiker an der dortigen Universitätsklinik.
Autor: Bert Gordijn
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