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Rethinking Work and Learning

Vol.9, Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Adult and Vocational Education for Social Sustainability
This volume explores ways in which social sustainability can be integrated into Adult and Vocational Education (AVE) practices. It argues that job-specific training needs re-orientation to include life-specific learning.
ForewordAlan Mayne Acknowledgments Chapter 1, Introduction: challenges in adult and vocational education for social sustainabilityPeter Willis, Stephen McKenzie, and Roger Harris Part I: Social sustainability perspectives in adult and vocational education Chapter 2, Advancing social sustainability through vocational education and training
John Fien and David Wilson Chapter 3, An ecology for the fourth pillar: imaginal learning for social sustainability in AVE
Peter Willis Chapter 4, The historical contribution of AVE to social sustainability in Australia
Roger Harris Chapter 5, The language of longing: rationality, morality, and experience in education for sustainability
Aidan Davison Part II: Foundations for social sustainability in adult and vocational education Chapter 6, Educating for a sustainable democracy
Michael Newman Chapter 7, Transformative learning and AVE for social sustainability
Patricia Cranton Chapter 8, Education, religion, sustainability, and dialogue
Chris Provis Chapter 9, The role of religion in education for social sustainability
Heather Foster Part III: Creating spaces for social sustainability in adult and vocational education Chapter 10, Claiming sustainable space: families, communities, and learning, an auto/biographical perspective
Linden West Chapter 11, Health literacy and AVE for social sustainability
Kay Price Chapter 12, Education in post-conflict environments: pathways to sustainable peace?
Rebecca Spence Chapter 13, Social sustainability and activation strategies with unemployed young adults
Danny Wildemeersch Part IV: Adult and vocational education for social sustainability in action Chapter 14, Chasing the vultures off the roof: AVE for living in Sierra Leone
Astrid Von Kotze Chapter 15, The contribution of non-formal adult education to sustainability: policy implications from case studies in the Asia-Pacific region
Richard G. Bagnall Chapter 16, Community adult learning contributions to social sustainability in the Asia-South Pacific region: the role of ASPBAE
Bernie Lovegrove and Anne Morrison Chapter 17, Birds learn to swim and fish learn to fly: lessons from the Philippines on AVE for social sustainability
Edicio dela Torre Chapter 18, Breaking the silence: exploring spirituality in secular professional education in Australia
Joanna Crossman Chapter 19, Waldorf Schools as communities of practice for AVE and social sustainability
Tom Stehlik Chapter 20, Conclusion. AVE for social sustainability: where to from here?
Stephen McKenzie Contributors Index
Rethinking a Sustainable Society Alan Mayne The world has already passed the midway point for achieving by 2015 the eight Millennium Development Goals for a "more peaceful, prosperous and just world" that were set by the United Nations in the wake of its inspirational Millennium Dec- 1 laration in 2000. These goals range from combating poverty, hunger, and disease, to empowering women, and ensuring environmental sustainability. However Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, conceded in 2007 that progress to date has been mixed. During 2008 the head of the United Nations World Food P- gramme cautioned that because of the surge in world commodity prices the program had insuf?cient money to stave off global malnutrition, and the World Health Or- nization warned of a global crisis in water and sanitation. Depressing news accounts accumulate about opportunities missed to achieve a fairer world order and ecolo- calsustainability:themanipulationofelectionresultsinAfrica,humanrightsabuses in China, 4000 Americans dead and another nation torn apart by a senseless and protracted war in Iraq, and weasel words by the world's political leadership in the lead-up to negotiations for a climate change deal in 2009 that is supposed to stabilize global carbon dioxide emissions. It is clear that the parameters of the debates that drive progressive policy change urgently require repositioning and energizing. As is shown by the contributors to Rethinking work and learning, experts in the humanities and social sciences (HASS) couldhaveanimportantroletoplayinthisprocess.
Autor: Peter Willis
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