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Autor: Patrick Hayden
ISBN-13: 9781403945556
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Confronting Globalization

International Political Economy Series
Humanity, Justice and the Renewal of Politics
Notes on the Contributors List of Abbreviations Confronting Globalization in the Twenty-First Century: An Introduction; P.Hayden & C.el-Ojeili PART I: UNDERSTANDING GLOBALIZATION'S CHALLENGES: POST-MARXISM AND BEYOND Postmodern Socialism Revisited; P.Beilharz Despotic Enlightenment: Rethinking Globalization after Foucault; R.Deacon Just Deconstruction? Derrida and Global Ethics; J.Brassett & F.Merke Empowering the Powerful, Enriching the Rich: On Neoliberalism, Economic Globalization and Social Criticism; B.Smart Tricky Business: Challenging Risk Theory and its Vision of a Better Global Future; F.Debrix PART II: RECONCEPTUALIZING CITIZENSHIP, DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS UNDER GLOBALIZATION Between Empires: Rethinking Identity and Citizenship in the Context of Globalization; M.A.Peters Human Rights, Moral Articulacy and Democratic Dynamism: In Defence of Critical Normative Philosophy; M.Evans The Other Side of Obligation: Cosmopolitan Distributive Justice and Duties of the Less Affluent; L.Cabrera Environmentalism as Globalization from Above and Below: Can World Watchers Truly Represent the Earth?; T.W.Luke Globalization, Terrorism and Democracy: 9/11 and its Aftermath; D.Kellner PART III: RETHINKING GLOBALIZATION, RESISTANCE AND TRANSFORMATIVE POLITICS 'Alter-Globalization' and Social Movements: Towards Understanding Transnational Polticization; M.Weber 'Horizontals', 'Verticals' and the Conflicting Logics of Transformative Politics; A.Robinson & S.Tormey American Globalism 'Madison Avenue-Style': A Critique of US Public Diplomacy After 9-11; M.B.Steger Global Justice, the World Trade Organization and Free Trade; D.Moellendorf A Cosmopolitan Perspective on the Self-Determination of Peoples; D.Archibugi Index
Informed by critical theory, the essays in this collection examine the complex dynamics of globalization, the challenges that confront democracy, justice and rights under globalization, and new approaches that seek to contest the excesses of globalization and promote the struggle for global justice. They form a challenging and timely volume that will be essential reading for anyone interested in the normative dimensions of globalization.
Autor: Patrick Hayden
ISBN-13:: 9781403945556
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Gewicht: 489g
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