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Program Evaluation in Language Education

Research and Practice in Applied Linguistics
Acknowledgements PART 1: DEPARTURES Introduction to Part 1 Themes and Challenges Historical Perspectives: Focus on Design and Method Historical Perspectives: Focus on Context and Use PART 2: CASES AND ISSUES Introduction to Part 2 Evaluating Teachers' English Language Competence Evaluating a Language through Science Program Evaluating the Contribution of the Native Speaker Teacher Evaluating Foreign Language Teaching in Primary Schools Evaluating Program Quality in Higher Education Evaluating the Student Experience in Higher Education Evaluating Assessment Standards and Frameworks Stakeholding in Evaluation PART 3: EVALUATION PRACTICE AND RESEARCH Large Scale Evaluations Teacher-led Evaluation Management-led Evaluation PART 4: RESOURCES Evaluation Resources Postscript Bibliography Index
The authors describe evaluation as a way of understanding and developing language programs: the thematic and background section sets out the decision-making, quality management, and learning functions of evaluation. Case studies illustrate the diversity of evaluation contexts, functions and approaches, documenting the ways in which evaluation processes and outcomes inform and facilitate program development, and contribute to explaining how language and teacher education programs constitute opportunities for learning. The ways in which evaluation practice can be researched and developed to maximize policy, institutional and program effectiveness is included, and a comprehensive set of resources for those commissioning, undertaking or researching language program evaluations concludes the text.
Autor: R. Kiely, P. Rea-Dickins
RICHARD KIELY is a Lecturer in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Bristol, UK and eads the MEd TESOL program. He has carried out language program evaluations in a range of contexts, and supervises research in this field. Other research interests include language teacher cognition and teacher development, intercultural aspects of TESOL, and qualitative research methods in TESOL.
PAULINE REA-DICKINS is Professor of Applied Linguistics in Education in the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol, UK, where she is Deputy Director of Research, and leads the doctoral programme in Applied Linguistics/TESOL. She researches and writes in the areas of language program evaluation, language testing and classroom-based language assessment
Autor: R. Kiely
ISBN-13:: 9781403945709
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