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Notes on Contributors Chronology List of Abbreviations Introduction; J.Stabler Byron and the Choreography of Queer Desire; S.Bruhm Byron and the Politics of Editing; P.Cochran Byron and Digression; P.Curtis Byron and History; C.Franklin Byron and Post-Colonial Criticism: the 'Eastern Tales'; P.Kitson Byron and Twentieth-Century Popular Culture; G.McDayter Byron's Manfred and Eco-criticism; T.Morton Byron's Werner and Psychoanalytic Criticism; D.Punter & P.Kao Byron in Theory and Theatre Land; M.Simpson Byron's Childe Harold and War; P.Shaw Byron's Childe Harold and Intertextuality; N.Sweet Don Juan and the Shiftings of Gender; S.J.Wolfson Index
This collection presents twelve outstanding new essays on Byron by leading critics from the USA, Canada and the UK including Steven Bruhm, Peter Cochran, Paul Curtis, Caroline Franklin, Peter Kitson, Ghislaine McDayter, Tim Morton, David Punter and Pamela Kao, Michael Simpson, Philip Shaw, Nanora Sweet and Susan Wolfson.
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STEVEN BRUHM Professor of English, Mount St Vincent University, University of Halifax, USA PETER COCHRAN Editor of the Newstead Byron Society Review PAUL M. CURTIS Teaches English Language and Literature at L'Université de Moncton, Canada CAROLINE FRANKLIN Professor of English, University of Wales, Swansea, UK SHE-RU KAO (also known as PAMELA KAO) Recently received her PhD from the University of Bristol, UK PETER J. KITSON Professor of English, University of Dundee, UK GHISLAINE MCDAYTER Associate Professor of English, Bucknell University, USA TIMOTHY MORTON Professor of Literature and the Environment, University of California, Davis, USA DAVID PUNTER Professor of English, University of Bristol, UK PHILIP SHAW Reader in English Literature, University of Leicester, UK MICHAEL SIMPSON Lecturer, English and Comparative Literature, Goldsmith's College, University of London, UK NANORA SWEET Teaches English and Women's Studies. University of Missouri-St Louis, USA SUSAN J. WOLFSON Professor of English, Princeton University, USA
Autor: J. Stabler
ISBN-13:: 9781403945938
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