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Autor: Michael Burrage
ISBN-13: 9781403945945
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Class Formation, Civil Society and the State

A Comparative Analysis of Russia, France, UK and the US
An English Obsession, Myth and Mystery Lessons from Comparative Theories What are Classes? And Who Forms and Dissolves Them? Class Formations in Two Russias Civil Society as Adversary and Collaborator in France Civil Society Acts Alone in the United States Interim Conclusions from Three Societies Re-examining the English Mystery Testing the Puzzle-Solving Capacity of the Argument A Brief Reply to Orwell The Class System Comes to an End
Rather than a ranking system based on occupational prestige, this book explains social stratification through political events and decisions. Using analyses of Russia, France, the United States and England, Burrage claims that class stems from the habitual relationship between state and civil society and, remarkably, is undermined by free markets.
Autor: Michael Burrage
ISBN-13:: 9781403945945
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Verlag: Springer Palgrave Macmillan
Gewicht: 739g
Seiten: 454
Sprache: Englisch
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