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Autor: G. Jack
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PART I: THE ORTHODOXIES OF ICCM Towards A Postcolonial Reading of ICCM The Commitments and Omissions of ICCM The Institutional Present PART II: HISTORICIZING ICCM Colonial Legacies Modernization, Industrialization and Development Globalization and Multiculturalism PART III: STRATEGIES OF APPROPRIATION IN ICCM Representational Strategies One: Orientalism and Othering Representational Strategies Two: Establishing a Canon Engagement, Hybridization and Resistance PART IV: REFRAMING ICCM Decolonizing Methodology in ICCM Towards An Alternative Institutional Present Conclusion
Drawing on postcolonial theory this text offers a critique of international management. It argues that such disciplines are Western discourses and exhibit historical and current resonances with the vicissitudes of the so called 'colonial project'. The book explores alternative approaches to the question of the 'other' in late global capitalism.
Autor: G. Jack, R. Westwood
BOB WESTWOOD is Professor of Organization Studies at the School of Management, University of Technology Sydney, Australia. He has previously worked at leading universities in Australia and South-East Asia. His recent publications include Critical Representations of Work and Organizations in Popular Culture (with Carl Rhodes, 2008), and Humour and Organisation (co-edited with Rhodes, 2007)
GAVIN JACK is Professor of Management in the Graduate School of Management, La Trobe University, Australia. His previous publications include Tourism and Intercultural Exchange: Why Tourism Matters (with Alison Phipps, 2005) and a co-edited special topic forum of the Academy of Management Review entitled International Management: Critique and New Directions.
Autor: G. Jack
ISBN-13:: 9781403946171
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