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Autor: Herrington Bryce
ISBN-13: 9781403968296
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Players in the Public Policy Process

Nonprofits as Social Capital and Agents
This book carefully develops the perspective of nonprofit organizations as social capital assets and agents of public policy within a principal-agent framework. It shows the practical as well as managerial and marketing advantages of such an approach, one that can lead to serious questions about many of the existing views that all nonprofits result from market or government failure. Bryce provides a more positive, cross-national and inclusive perspective on these organizations that applies across all of their disciplines and in developed or developing countries alike.
Introduction The Policy Significance of Nonprofit Organizations: Beyond the Limits of Failure Social Capital, the Nonprofit, and Agents of Public Policy Nonprofits as Agents of Public Policy: A Paradigm of Principle and Agents The Choice of Nonprofits as Agents of Public Policy Housing and Community Development: A Case Study of an Agency Function The Performance of Agents: Acute Care Hospitals and Community Benefits Policy Formation, Nonprofit Advocacy, and the Principal-Agent Framework Regulating the Finances of the Agent
Autor: Herrington Bryce
ISBN-13:: 9781403968296
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Gewicht: 536g
Seiten: 288
Sprache: Englisch
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