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Autor: J. Retallack
ISBN-13: 9781403969125
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Why Teach Contemporary Poetries?; J.Retallack & J.Spahr Experimental Poetics and/as Pedagogy; A.Golding FFFFFalling with Poetry: the Centrifugal Classroom; L.Keller Reading for Affect in the Lyric; C.Altieri )Writing Writing(; J.Monroe New World Studies and the Limits of National Literatures; R.Greene What Hawai'i's 'Local' Poetry Has Taught Me About Pedagogy; M.Young Post-literary Poetry, Counter-performance, and Micro-poetries; M.Damon The Difficult Poem; C.Bernstein Deformance and Interpretation; L.Samuel & J.McGann Nourbese Philip's 'Discourse on the Logic of Language'; M.McMorris The Didactic; L.Shaw Stages of Encounter with a Difficult Text; L.Hejinian 'My Susan Howe', or, 'Howe to Teach'; G.M.Jenkins Language as Visible Vapor; J.Keller Teaching Kimiko Hahn's The Unbearable Heart ; J.Chang 'Gumshoe Poetry'; J.Osman A Case for Poetry in the Foreign Language Classroom; H.Maxim Sex Dolls, Mice, and Mother's Suitcase; D.Owens Creative Wreading: A Primer; C.Bernstein Understanding Alternative Poetries; H.Mullen He Has More Than One Ear; D.Glancy Notes Towards Exploding 'Exploding Text: Poetry Workshop'; B.Holman Some Places to Find new Poetries and Pedagogies Notes on Contributors
This anthology is a new reading of the contemporary poetries. The collection gathers together the work of a number of scholars, poets, and teachers on the challenges and productive possibilities that arise when teaching contemporary writing today.
Editiert von: J. Retallack, J. Spahr
JOAN RETALLACK is John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Professor at Bard College, USA.
JULIANA SPAHR is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Hawaii, USA.
Autor: J. Retallack
ISBN-13:: 9781403969125
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Gewicht: 571g
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