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Medieval Paradigms: 2 Volume Set, 2 Teile

The New Middle Ages
Essays in Honor of Jeremy duQuesnay Adams
Volume 1 Foreword Introduction Illustrations Abbreviations I: PARADIGMS OF AUTHORITY Abelard and Theology; M.L.Colish The 'People' in the Psalter of Saint Louis and the Leadership of Moses; W.C.Jordan Beware of Universities; A.Murray Negotiating Poetry at Court; D.Price II: PARADIGMS OF COMMUNITY Paulinus of Nola and the Poetry of Wealth; P.Brown Widows and Noble Remarriage in Eleventh and Twelfth-Century Montpellier; E.Haluska-Rausch Propaganda and Toulousan Identity through the Albigensian Crusade; C.K.Gardner Fighting Words and Wounded Honor in Late Fourteenth-Century France; P.Johnson Cypriot Funerary Icons; A.Weyl Carr III: PARADIGMS OF MORALITY Ivo of Chartres and the Presbyter of OrlTans; B.C.Brasington Rhetorical Stimulus in the Prick of Conscience ; H.Chickering Alberto Alfieri's Ogdoas; E.A.Matter 'Know Thyself' and Christian Art: The Dispute between William Tyndale and Thomas More; K.F.Morrison Volume 2 I: PARADIGMS OF DEVOTION Patterns of Peregrinatio in the Early Middle Ages; S.A.Hayes-Healy Christianity on the Frontiers in the Early Middle Ages; P.Geary Gloriosae , Hilduin, and the Early Liturgical Celebration of Saint Denis; E.A.R.Brown Exile, the Abbey of Saint-Victor at Paris and Hugh of Saint-Victor; G.A.Zinn Louis VII's Charter of 1144 for Saint-Denis and the Two Tabernacles of Abbot Suger; T.G.Waldman & W.W.Clark Historical Contexts for the Life and Works of Gautier de Coincil; D.Mayer-Martin Mental Illumination in Dante's Paradiso 33.141; R.Kay Two Cases of Blood Cult in the North of Germany in the Later Middle Ages; C.Walker Bynum II: THE MEDIEVAL PARADIGM REVIVED A Map of the Empire of Charlemagne, Allegedly of 1629,at the Societa geografica italiana; W.Goffart American Episcopalians, the Middle Ages, and the Quest for Community in the Progressive Era and the 1920s; P.W.Williams Civic Humanism, Masculinities, and Legend in the Novels of Jack Whyte and Bernard Cornwell; A.A.Rutledge Joseph of Arimathea; C.T.Wood Contributors Index
This collection of essays in two volumes explores patterns of medieval society and culture, spanning from the close of the late antique period to the beginnings of the Renaissance. In the first volume, the articles unravel the complexities of authority and community, and then turn to the multiple rubrics of behavior which bound and defined medieval societies. Volume 1 thus ends with a discussion of morality, from models of civic virtue (and vice) to Christian prescriptions and prohibitions. Volume 2 continues with analyses of forms of devotion, both popular movements and those practices and ceremonies limited to elite groups. The exploration of medieval paradigms comes to a close with a group of essays which follow the medieval patterns well past the Middle Ages, even into the present.
Autor: S. Hayes-Healy
ISBN-13:: 9781403969187
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