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Revolution and Pedagogy

Interdisciplinary and Transnational Perspectives on Educational Foundations
Shaking the Foundations of Education: An Introduction to Revolution and Pedagogy - E. Thomas Ewing Disidentifying Nationalism: Camilo Osias and Filipino Education in the Early Twentieth Century - Roland Sintos Coloma Gender Equity as Revolutionary Strategy: Coeducation in Russian and Soviet Schools - E. Thomas Ewing The Limits of Pedagogical Revolution: Female Schooling and Women's Roles in Egyptian Educational Discourse, 1922-1952 - Barak A. Salmoni Pedagogies and Politics of "Culture": Chiefly Authority, the State, and the Teaching of Cultural Traditions in Ghana - Cati Coe Folk Schools, Popular Education, and a Pedagogy of Community Action - William Westerman Rite of Passage as a Communal Classroom: The Pedagogical Recycling of Newroz and Nevruz Celebrations in Turkey - Yucel Demirer Structures of Revolutionary Pedagogy: Palestinian Political Captives in Israeli Prisons - Esmail Nashif Teaching to Hate: The Hindu Right's Pedagogical Program in Contemporary India - Nandini Sundar Afterword - Margaret A. Mills
Revolution and Pedagogy explores the tensions between and within the processes of revolutionary pedagogical change and continuity. Contributors examine conventional topics such as school policies and curricula, as well as more non-traditional pedagogies such as public celebrations of holidays, participation in international exchange programs, and the incarceration of political activists.
Autor: E. Ewing
ISBN-13:: 9781403969200
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Gewicht: 492g
Seiten: 229
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