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Autor: Kyle Burns
ISBN-13: 9781430245667
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 328
Gewicht: 567 g
Format: 235x190x17 mm
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Beginning Windows 8 Application Development - XAML Edition

Welcome to a Touch-Based World
The Metro Design Language
Designing Windows 8 Applications for Metro
Metro Application Types
XAML Controls in the Visual Studio Toolbox - The Common Controls
XAML Controls in the Visual Studio Toolbox - Other Controls
Building the User Interface
Data Binding
Introducing MVVM
Starting the ViewModel - Data
Inversion of Control
The Role of Service Agents
Asynchronous Programming Model
Mocking the ViewModel's Behavior
Connecting to Data in the Cloud
Completing the Service Agents
Interacting with Windows Search
Notification and Tiles
Sensors, Devices and the Location API
Windows Marketplace and Deploying Your Metro App
Beginning Windows 8 Application Development – XAML Edition introduces you to the Windows 8 modern app design paradigm and the new Windows 8 programming model developed around this paradigm. You'll learn to build rich, immersive applications designed to run on the many devices that will be powered by Windows 8.
With the introduction of Windows 8, once again Microsoft has re-envisioned the way that PCs and devices will be used and applications will be built in a world that has become far more connected. The Windows 8 modern UI style is far more than a programming model and Beginning Windows 8 Application Development – XAML Edition takes you beyond the syntax of any development language. We examine the factors such as UX (User Experience), social integration, and maintaining data and settings across multiple devices.

Gives an early start to building next-generation connected applications
Introduces new programming libraries available in Windows 8
Explores Windows 8 app design concepts
Autor: Kyle Burns
Kyle Burns is a Technical Architect with Perficient living in Indianapolis, IN. He first discovered a love for writing computer applications when his father brought home their first Apple II computer and he would spend hours transcribing programs from BASIC magazine to see what they would do. After serving as a Tuba and Euphonium player in the Marine Corps Band, Kyle realized that people were writing software for pay and he started his professional career. During his career, Kyle has worked in companies ranging from a six person startup to a Fortune 100 company and is constantly looking for new ways to explore solving problems with people, process, and technology.
Autor: Kyle Burns
ISBN-13:: 9781430245667
ISBN: 1430245662
Verlag: Springer, Berlin
Gewicht: 567g
Seiten: 328
Sprache: Englisch
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