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Autor: Cristina Corsi
ISBN-13: 9783319017839
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Good Practice in Archaeological Diagnostics

Natural Science in Archaeology
Non-invasive Survey of Complex Archaeological Sites
This book covers the full range of archaeological diagnostics. It presents methodological guidelines for the application of non-destructive approaches in order to understand, visualize and manage archaeological settlements.
Introduction.- Remote sensing.- Vertical Aerial photography.- Oblique Aerial photography.- Lidar.- Airborne Multispectral techniques ( Radar, UV, IR, ...).- Non-airborne Multispectral techniques.- Geophysics.- Magnetometer survey.- Earth resistance survey.- GPR.- Integrating geophysics and ground truthing.- Interpretation and guidelines for reporting.- Traditional topographic surveys.- Intra-site artifact surveys.- Surveying and scanning standing architecture.- Stratigraphic control via minimal interventions: coring, test-pits....- Geomatics and geomorphology.- DEM production and topography without IMAGES.- Geomorphological analysis.- Interpretation, visualisation and site management.- Integration of complex survey data.- Management of research and heritage values.- Virtual site presentation.- International guidelines for virtual archaeology. The Seville Principles.- the European "networks of Excellence" on Digital and Virtual Museums.- Implementing best practise in Cultural heritage visualisation: the London Charte.- 3D reconstructions of ancient townscapes: the production process.- Conclusions.
This volume represents the most important "deliverable" of the European-funded project Radio-Past ( It is intended to disseminate the key results achieved in the form of methodological guidelines for the application of non-destructive approaches in order to understand, visualize and manage complex archaeological sites, in particular large multi-period settlements whose remains are still mostly buried. The authors were selected from among the project research "staff" but also from among leading international specialists who served as speakers at the two international events organized in the framework of the project (the Valle Giulia Colloquium of Rome - 2009 and the Colloquium of Ghent - 2013) and at the three Specialization Fora, the high formation training activities organized in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
As such, the book offers contributions on diverse aspects of the research process (data capture, data management, data elaboration, data visualization and site management), presenting the state of the art and drafting guidelines for good practice in each field.
Editiert von: Cristina Corsi, Bozidar Slapsak, Frank Vermeulen
Frank Vermeulen, geb. 1964, ist studierter Informatiker mit Schwerpunkt Künstliche Intelligenz. In seiner Freizeit beschäftigt er sich mit der Relativitätstheorie, Kosmologie und Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung. Den vorliegenden Roman über Herrn Albert hätte er als Jugendlicher gerne selber gelesen, doch gab es ihn damals noch nicht...
Autor: Cristina Corsi
ISBN-13:: 9783319017839
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Gewicht: 900g
Seiten: 347
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