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Autor: Giacomo Como
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Information and Control in Networks

Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
This vital contribution to the sparse literature on unified approaches to information theory and control demonstrates a range of control paradigms on differing types of network. It addresses emerging research themes such as decentralized stochastic control.
Elements of Information Theory for Networked Control Systems.- Stabilization and Control over Gaussian Networks.- Optimal Radio-Mode Switching for Wireless Networked Control.- The Common-Information Approach to Decentralized Stochastic Control.- Relations between Information and Estimation in the Presence of Feedback.- Design of Information Channels for Optimization and Stabilization in Networked Control.- Structural Routability of n-pairs Information Networks.- Computing Systems over Unreliable Communication Networks.- On the Conditional Mutual Information in Gaussian-Markov Structured Grids.- Precise Clock Synchronization for Industrial Automation and Other Networked Applications.
Information and Control in Networks demonstrates the way in which system dynamics and information flows intertwine as they evolve, and the central role played by information in the control of complex networked systems. It is a milestone on the road to that convergence from traditionally independent development of control theory and information theory which has emerged strongly in the last fifteen years, and is now a very active research field. In addition to efforts in control and information theory, the text is witness to strong research in such diverse fields as computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Aspects that are given specialist treatment include:
· data-rate theorems;

· computation and control over communication networks;

· decentralized stochastic control;

· Gaussian networks and Gaussian-Markov random fields; and

· routability in information networks.

Information and Control in Networks collects contributions from world-leading researchers in the area who came together for the Lund Center for Control of Complex Engineering Systems Workshop in Information and Control in Networks from 17 th -19 th October 2012; the workshop being the centrepiece of a five-week-long focus period on the same theme. A source of exciting cross-fertilization and new ideas for extensive future research, this volume will be of great interest to any researcher or graduate student interested in the interaction of control and information theory.
Autor: Giacomo Como
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