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International Technology Robotics Applications

.70, Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering
Proceedings of the 2nd INTERA Conference, held in Oviedo, Spain, March 2013
Part I Biomedicine

Augmented Reality in Robotic Assistance for the Elderly; Francisco J. Lera et al.

HENUFOOD: Development of New Methodologies and Emergent Technologies for Showing Food with Health Claims on Chronic Diseases Risk Reduction in the Middle Age of Life; G. Anzaldi et al.

Part II Energy Efficiency

Big Data Technology to Exploit Climate Information/Consumption Models and to Predict Future Behaviours; A. Cortés et al.

Identification of Electrical Devices Applying Big Data and Machine Learning Techniques to Power Consumption Data; M. Rodriguez, I. González and E. Zalama

Knoholem: Knowledge-Based Energy Management for Public Buildings Through Holistic Information Modeling and 3D Visualization; G. Anzaldi et al.

Part III Home Automation and Robotics

Uniovi RoboCup Team's Retractile and Compact Robot for RoboCup@Home; Jose F. Díaz et al.

Uniovi RoboCup Team Software Components for RoboCup@Home; Ignacio González et al.

Novel Method for Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection Based on Information Fusion; Fernando García, Arturo de la Escalera and José María Armingol

Knowledge Management by Means of the Digital Home Compliant Intelligence; Rubén González and Ignacio González

An Integrated Autonomous Navigation and Decision-Making Architecture for Planetary Exploration Rovers; A. Medina, G. Binet and P. Colmenarejo
This book presents the latest scientific research related to the field of Robotics. It involves different topics such as biomedicine, energy efficiency and home automation and robotics.The book is written by technical experts and researchers from academia and industry working on robotics applications. The book could be used as supplementary material for courses related to Robotics and Domotics.
Autor: Ignacio Gonzalez
ISBN-13:: 9783319023311
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