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Autor: Roderick Sims
ISBN-13: 9783319024226
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Design Alchemy

Vol.8, Explorations in the Learning Sciences, Instructional Systems and Performance Technologies
Transforming the way we think about learning and teaching
This book presents both a design framework and design strategies that will help organisations provide courses that embed the affordances of the online, social environment and maximize opportunities for engagement and learning in formal learning contexts.
Foreward.- Preface.- Why Alchemy?.- Why Design Alchemy?.- How did Design Alchemy emerge?.- Which Learning Theories?.- Instructional Design or Design Alchemy?.- Learning Design or Design Alchemy?.- Insight or Distraction?.- What is the Design Alchemy Pedagogy?.- How Does the Design Alchemist Practice?.- What Are the Assets of Design Alchemy?.- Transforming Programs and Courses.- Activities and Assessment.- Understanding Design Alchemy.- Design Alchemy Templates.- Design Alchemy: A Manifesto.- Index.
The promise of online learning--flexible, learner-centered, responsive--was forward-looking and poised to revolutionize education. But too often online learning courses have little room for student engagement and their design does not reflect the potential for interactive and collaborative learning.Design Alchemy counters this trend by synthesizing the art and science of educational design to model a whole that transcends the sum of its parts. Challenging yet accessible,
it clearly sets out steps for harnessing innovative strategies and designer creativity to provide educational platforms that reduce learner boredom and instructor burnout, and encourage deeper interaction with subject matter. Activities, assessment methods, and sample course materials are designed toward improving quality, embracing diversity, and adapting positively to change. And the book's palette of resources enables readers to effectively apply the principles in their own practice:
The evolution of Design Alchemy in the context of online learning.
Alignment with core theories and practice models.
The framework: elements of pedagogy and components of practice.
Case studies showing Design Alchemy in real-world learning.
Tools, templates, and a sample syllabus.
The Design Alchemy Manifesto, summarizing key ideas.
Researchers and practitioners in technology and education will look to Design Alchemy as a transformative work to help make the most of student potential, learning opportunities, and their own professional growth.
Autor: Roderick Sims
Dr. Roderick Sims began working with the PLATO computer-based learning system in 1979 and subsequently has held senior academic posts in Australia universities before commencing consultancy services to higher education, specializing in design strategies for online learning. His current clients include public and private educational providers in Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
Autor: Roderick Sims
ISBN-13:: 9783319024226
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