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Autor: Adrian V. Gheorghe
ISBN-13: 9783319024929
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.24, Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality
Sustainability, Engineering Design and Governance
Infranomics is a new discipline that combines sustainability, engineering, and issues of governance in infrastructure planning. This book offers a baseline for empirically driven discussion on the theory and potential applications of an important new subject.
Preface.- Acknowledgements.- Introduction.- I Infrastructure and Sustainability.- II Asset Management.- III Safety, Renewable energy and Management.- IV Equity, Ethics, and Infrastructures.- V Modeling and Simulation.-VI Governance.- VII Engineering Design and Sociotechnical Systems.- Epilogue.- Index.
This book provides a rough entry into the interdisciplinary field of Infranomics . It enables better decision making in an increasing ambiguous, complex, emergent, interdependent, and uncertain world where we attempt to anticipate modern society trends and patterns in order to react appropriately. However, as with any emerging discipline, much research is needed at the applications and conceptual level. The applications level may require development and testing of methods, tools, and techniques to enable analysis and decision-making in ambiguous, complex, emergent, interdependent, and uncertain conditions while the conceptual level may require taping into driving philosophies, theories, and methodologies that form the basis for Infranomics . Striking the right balance between applications and conceptual foundation (theory) requires rigorous research.
This book provides a springboard for robust discussions on applications, theory, and transformation of current thinking to better deal with modern society's problematic issues using Infranomics .
Autor: Adrian V. Gheorghe
ISBN-13:: 9783319024929
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Gewicht: 785g
Seiten: 422
Sprache: Englisch
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