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Autor: Ricardo F. Crespo
ISBN-13: 9783319026473
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Philosophy of the Economy

SpringerBriefs in Philosophy
An Aristotelian Approach
Table of Contents.- Analytical Table of Contents.- Acknowledgments.- I. Introduction: Why a Philosophy of the Economy and Why an Aristotelian Approach?.- Part 1: "The Economic" and its Science: A Philosophical Approach.- II. "The Economic".- III. Economic Science.- IV. Characteristics and Methods of Economic Science.- V. Economics and Ethics.- VI. Models and Measurements.- VII. Ideas on Economic Science and its Method over the Past Sixty Years.- Phase I: Traditional Orthodoxy.- Phase II: "Mainstream Pluralism".- Part 2: Economic Activity.- VIII. Economic Activities.- IX. Human Labor.- X. Capital and the Entrepreneurial Factor.- XI. Global Crises and Globalization.- XII. Concluding Remarks.
This book develops a philosophical analysis of economic reality and economic science from an Aristotelian point of view. It is the result of many years of thinking and philosophical study about these topics. It differs from other philosophy of economics books as it also deals with economic reality (not only the science) and approaches its subject from an Aristotelian perspective. It differs from other Aristotelian studies about economics as it covers the whole of philosophy of the economy. This book argues why Aristotle's thinking guarantees an appropriate interdisciplinary synthesis.
Autor: Ricardo F. Crespo
ISBN-13:: 9783319026473
ISBN: 331902647X
Verlag: Springer, Berlin, Springer International Publishing
Gewicht: 266g
Seiten: 154
Sprache: Englisch
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