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Autor: Elisabetta Strickland
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1 Ferromagnetic models for cooperative behavior: Revisiting Universality in complex phenomena.- 2 Mathematical models for socio-economic problems.- 3 Noise-induced periodicity: some stochastic models for complex biological systems.- 4 Mathematical models of textual data: a short review.- 5 Using mathematical modelling as a virtual microscope to support biomedical research.- 6 Periodic orbits of the N-body problem with the symmetry of Platonic polyhedra.- 7 Space debris long term dynamics.- 8 The Near Earth Asteroid Hazard and Mitigation.- 9 Climate as a complex dynamical system.- 10 Superprocesses as models for information dissemination in the Future Internet.- 11 The role of boundary layers in the large-scale ocean circulation.- 12 Kinetic equations and stochastic game theory for social systems.- Appendix: Pictures INdAM Workshop.
In 2013 several scientific activities have been devoted to mathematical researches for the study of planet Earth. The current volume presents a selection of the highly topical issues presented at the workshop "Mathematical Models and Methods for Planet Earth", held in Roma (Italy), in May 2013. The fields of interest span from impacts of dangerous asteroids to the safeguard from space debris, from climatic changes to monitoring geological events, from the study of tumor growth to sociological problems. In all these fields the mathematical studies play a relevant role as a tool for the analysis of specific topics and as an ingredient of multidisciplinary problems. To investigate these problems we will see many different mathematical tools at work: just to mention some, stochastic processes, PDE, normal forms, chaos theory.
Autor: Elisabetta Strickland
ISBN-13:: 9783319026565
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Gewicht: 439g
Seiten: 174
Sprache: Englisch
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