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Autor: Enzo Baglieri
ISBN-13: 9783319042886
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The future of consumer service. Introduction.- 1. Factories or theaters? The future of service.- 2. The industrialization of services.- 3. High tech vs. high touch: the role of human intermediation in information intensive services.- 4. Connecting factory to theater: lessons from a case study.- 5. Striking the right balance: how to design, implement and operationalize Customer Experience Management programs.- 6. The design of consumer experiences: managerial approaches for service companies.- 7. Customer experience and service design.- 8. Transitioning to value co-development.- 9. From service experiences to augmented service journeys: digital technology and networks in consumer services.- 10. Rethinking and improving the healthcare service through interactive web technologies.- 11. Innovation in services - the case of floury - a diagnostic medical center.- 12. Factory or theatre? Towards the convergence.- The future of consumer services: factory and theatre.- Biographical notes.
This book presents latest research on the evolution of consumer services, as these services continue to become a larger part of the economy in the world. Four core focal points lead the central message of the book: first, the convergence of back and front offices; second, placing the client as a fundamental input of services production and delivery process, and 'industrializing' the customers' role to combine efficiency and experience; third, the constitution and role of inputs necessary for the configuration, production and delivery of the service, with the crucial role of 'operationalizing' the customers' experience; and fourth, the adoption of new technologies and the appropriate transfer of manufacturing managerial practices through service industrialization.
This is a special volume of articles based on solid research and analysis, including conceptualization of the important issues, as well as recommendations for managers. It presents case histories and managerial practices in some key sectors, such as financial services, health care, tourism/hospitality, entertainment and media, online services and home and personal services
Editiert von: Enzo Baglieri, Uday Karmarkar
Enzo Baglieri is Associate Professor of the Operations and Technology Management at the SDA Bocconi School of Management, Bocconi University, Milan Italy. He has been teaching and running research in the field of Technology and Innovation Management since 1992. Author of many publications, in Italy and abroad, on technology management, new product development and service innovation.
Uday Karmarkar is LA Times Professor of Technology and Strategy, Director and founder of the global Business and Information Technologies (BIT) project at the UCLA Anderson School. His research interests are in information intensive industries, operations strategy and technology management in manufacturing, service and information industries. Professor Karmarkar has published over 75 research papers and articles. He has founded two academic journals and serves on several editorial boards.
Autor: Enzo Baglieri
ISBN-13:: 9783319042886
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