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Autor: Wenkai Li
ISBN-13: 9783319170244
Einband: Buch
Seiten: 110
Gewicht: 352 g
Format: 243x168x11 mm
Sprache: Englisch

Planning and Scheduling for Maritime Container Yards

Supporting and Facilitating the Global Supply Network
Introduction.- Maritime Terminal Operational Problems.- Discrete Time Model and Algorithms for Container Yard Crane Scheduling.- A Continuous Time Model for Multiple Yard Crane Scheduling with Last Minute Job Arrivals.- Heuristic Approach.- Validation via Simulation.
Maximizing reader insights into the challenges facing maritime supply chains and container port logistics service providers in Asia, this book highlights their innovative responses to these challenges through real-world case studies.
With a focus on mathematical modeling, simulation and heuristics approaches, this book provides academics, engineers, container terminal operators, students in logistics and supply chain management with the latest approaches that can be used to address the planning and scheduling problem in large container terminal yards.

This book can be used on a self-contained basis as teaching cases in an undergraduate or specialist class setting, or on techniques applied to maritime container operations for port operations.
Autor: Wenkai Li
ISBN-13:: 9783319170244
ISBN: 3319170244
Verlag: Springer, Berlin, Springer International Publishing, Springer
Gewicht: 352g
Seiten: 110
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 2015
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